Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Snow + No Rain = No Water

This past winter was pretty mild here in Turkey. There wasn't much snow. It was actually really nice! Then this past spring there wasn't much rain which again seemed pretty nice at the time. I guess if we had a yard that needed watering I might have complained some! But, now, unfortunately we really need water. The water supply for our city is dangerously low. We have had water cuts all across the city due to the shortage. The city managers have known that the lack of water would be a problem for a while now, and we have wondered why they didn't start cutting the water back in the winter when they realized it would run short. This next portion I copied and pasted from an article appearing in a local paper. "The Ankara mayor is appearing on television programs and claims that he did not err, the water scarcity problem is because God wished so and should He say “Happen” in one day we may have such rainfall that all the reservoirs of Ankara will be filled with water. He calls on people to perform rain prayers, but even by saying so, the mayor is engaging in discriminative propaganda and dividing the nation into two groups: Those who have the word of Allah in their mouths, and those who do not. He is saying, “I want those who have the word Allah in their mouths to pray for rain, and those who do not, they may not pray at all...”

So I can't decide if I should pray for rain or not. I want water, but I don't want the credit for rain to go to Allah or the prayers of those who call on him. Hmmmm....

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