Sunday, March 04, 2007

What's on?

Several people have asked me what kind of TV we get here in Turkey. Are there just Turkish shows or are we able to get American TV as well? And the answer is...

I, personally, don't watch a lot of TV. I never watched much before we moved overseas and I think I watch even less now. When in America I did have a couple of shows that I loved and was pretty faithful in watching. I loved Survivor! I started watching Survivor 1st season, episode 2. I watched it every Thursday without fail. I will admit that one time when the power was out I sat in my car which had a TV in it and watched it there. Pathetic I know! I also liked the Rosie O'Donnell show...at the beginning of her talk show career. Later it became too political for me, but early on it was quite entertaining. You know she was crowned the "Queen of Nice" back in the day.

When we moved to Turkey I watched some BBC, National Geographic Channel, CNN international, and a few other TV channels that broadcast in English. I didn't enjoy them much to tell you the truth. I tried watching Turkish TV, but since I wasn't a huge fan of TV I had a hard time watching something I couldn't even understand! I did watch a lot of movies though and accumulated quite a collection while we were here!

When we went back to the states for 7 months Brian and I both watched quite a bit of TV. We really enjoyed the last season of Survivor when Yul won. We didn't miss an episode! We also watched CSI, Lost, some HGTV, and several other shows. I watched enough TV to make up for the years I didn't watch!

Since we have been back in Turkey we are, again, limited in our selection of English speaking TV channels. We have discovered a new channel that must have made it's debut while we were gone. This channel has lots of American shows. Desperate Housewives, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and several others are dubbed into Turkish. It's quite funny to watch Ellen Degeneres "speak" Turkish. The lady doing the dubbing laughs when Ellen laughs. Even if I can't understand what is so funny I laugh because of how funny it seems to me!

One of our favorite shows is American Idol. They are showing the current season in English about a week behind what is seen in the states. I had never watched it before so I had no idea what to expect. It is actually very entertaining. I know that a lot of stuff is done for TV purposes, but I still have a hard time believing that so many people think they can sing well. Some of them were terrible. Some were okay. Very few were great. So currently that is what I watch. American Idol in English twice a week. And that is pretty much it. Well, I do get glimpses of whatever shows the kids are watching...Power Rangers, Heathcliff, and several cartoons that I have never heard of before. Lucky me!


Gina said...

Billy and I are big CSI fans, although I probably watch it more than he does. I guess if we ever lived abroad, I would have to order the series on DVD (once the season was through) and watch them that way. Now you can actually watch the epiosodes over the internet in case you missed it. I remember watching a "Friends" episode while in Poland...that was kind of weird to see that dubbed in Polish!!

Anonymous said...

I think you're better off just not watching!! All I ever watch is HGTV and Food Network (with Caroline). Now, that, I would miss! I would have to be sent tapes or check myself into a rehab. I don't know why I am addicted!