Thursday, March 15, 2007

Brian's birthday dinner

Tonight we went to dinner at Hacibaba for Brian's birthday. They have really good Turkish food are known for their baklava. Since everyone was enjoying Turkish food they decided to "smile like a Turk" which basically means just sit there. The kids learned to do this when they had their pictures taken in Turkish school. We think that serious pictures must mean serious students.

Brian showing off the lavas...or flat bread. We also ordered hummus which we spread on the bread...yum!

I love icli kofte. They are meatballs that have been covered with a corndog like batter and fried. Pretty fattening though! I refuse to not smile in pictures...mainly because I can't do it...I've tried and I smile everytime.

Will and Anna Grace had Iskender. This is sliced meat over cubes of bread covered with tomato sauce. The side of yogurt is to dip the meat in.

Jacob had beyti kebap. This is basically spicy meatballs wrapped in tortillas with tomato sauce on top.

We always bring our guests from America to Hacibaba to eat. Come visit and we will bring you there, too!


Gina said...

I think I'll have the fattening meat ball dish, please!! I will refrain from eating until I come so I can eat all those fattening foods and not feel guilty! I LOVE baklava as well!! And the others have the "Turkish smile" down pretty good!!

Jeff and Erin said...

did we go there? Is that the place where the ladies sit ouside rolling the manta?