Thursday, March 15, 2007

More pictures

Anna Grace enjoying her cay...Turkish tea.

Erica showing off one of the lemon cologne wipes that came after our meal.

Jacob enjoying one of his favorite dishes...red rice...or bulgur pilav.

Brian getting ready to take a bite of his kiremitte tavuk sarma...or baked chicken stuffed with pistachios and mushrooms.

Lahmacun. Basically a tortilla with a meat tomato pepper onion paste spread on it.


Anonymous said...

What's my kid doing eating mushrooms? He wouldn't touch the stuff in CA!

Natalie said...

Well in actuality we aren't sure what the chicken is stuffed with. There are definitely pistachios because it is greenish. But, other than that everything else is so mushed up that it could be anything. Also I think that it isn't always the same stuffing. I think that whatever they have on hand is what it is stuffed with. And maybe if whoever is making the chicken has a preference that might make a difference as well.