Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fruity goodness!

When I came to Turkey I was introduced to many new types of food. One thing that I never expected was for there to be so many new kinds of fruits. Even fruits that weren't exactly new to me were a new experience for me.

This is a pomegranate. Growing up in America I had seen them before, but they were always used in decorations. Gilded or painted pomegranates in flower arrangements or on wreaths...I never knew they could actually be eaten. I guess I never thought about it. After arriving in Turkey I experienced the deliciousness that are pomegranates. They call them nar here, and when I asked Will and Anna Grace if they would like me to cut one for a snack the other day they didn't understand the word pomegranate. When I used the Turkish name they knew exactly what I was talking about!

Inside there are clusters of juicy berry like fruit pieces. They have a small seed inside each piece that like in other berries is just eaten with the fruit.

Here is Anna Grace eating her half of the nar. The juice stains so I made sure both she and Will changed out of their white school shirts before snack time!

Here is Will's face after finishing his snack. They are quite messy but oh so yummy! We have even read that they have the same health benefits as red wine so eat up!

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Gina said...

Sounds "nar-ly"!! Just might have to try one so I can say I went all the way to Turkey to eat a pomegranate!