Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh yeah...

Something else I thought I should fill you in on...
You can comment on any previous post, no matter how far back, and I will know you commented. I have the blog set to send me an email when someone comments so that I don't have to check all the posts all the time. It sends me your comment and a link to the post you commented on. I didn't know if people knew this or not.

Okay...that's it. This must be a new record for me. The shortest post ever! Maybe I should add a picture just for fun!
Erica, Anna Grace, and our friend, Alyssa, pose as the three kings...Charlie's Angels style!
Jacob had a pool party for his 9th birthday. His birthday is January 13, and we knew it would be our last time to swim in my parent's pool for quite some time...since we were leaving on Jan. 24 to come back to Turkey. My dad heated the pool, and all the kids went swimming! It was great. This is also a great picture of how long Will's hair was. Except for having it trimmed once while we were in the states he didn't get a haircut the whole time we were gone! Unfortunately he did have to cut it for school in Turkey so he is no longer so shaggy! He was really disappointed!

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