Monday, March 26, 2007

Dryers vs. Drying Racks

My dryer is broken. It started making a funny noise on Friday. Because it was the weekend there was nothing we could do about it until today. We called the repairman this morning, and after he came out he determined that the dryer needed a new part. He is coming back tomorrow with the part so that he can fix the dryer. Because the dryer is broken I have to hang the clothes I wash on the drying rack you see pictured below.

One good think is that these drying racks are everywhere in Turkey. I don't know a family that doesn't own one. When we first moved to Turkey we didn't even have a dryer. We always used a drying rack. We even bought a second drying rack because with 6 people in our family one rack wasn't enough. One time I had the drying racks loaded down with clothes on our balcony. It was a windy day which is nice when you are trying to dry clothes! Well, the wind got stronger and stronger, and all of a sudden I heard this strange noise from the balcony. I went out, and one of the drying racks full of clothes had been picked up by the wind and blown over the side of the balcony. It landed on the marble sidewalk below. Thankfully nobody was there when it hit the ground, and other than bending the drying rack beyond repair there was no other damage. I did have to rewash a few things though!


Anonymous said...

Do they have laundrymats in Turkey. Our dryer was broken for months and I discovered the one here. It was actually great because I only had to do laundry one day for a couple of hours and it was all done! That never happens here (speaking for a family of 6)! I will say it was comical walking in with a weeks load of laundry for 6 people. And I got to hang out with people I wouldn't normally cross paths with. The only drawback was it was expensive. BTW, Tracey surprised me with a new dryer for Christmas. I had told him I wanted quarters for the laundrymat!! Good luck with the dryer!

Natalie said...

I actually thought of you when the dryer broke. I was thankful that at least I could wash the clothes, and I was thankful that I had a drying rack. Now if you had only had a drying rack you could have just hung them around your house! The weather has been too cool for the clothes to dry outside so we have been putting the drying rack in the salon next to a heater with another heater blowing on them. They are usually mostly dry in a few hours. I know they have laundrymats here, but I don't know if you can do your own laundry at them. I think they are more like dry cleaners where other people wash your clothes for you.

Gina said...

Brings back memories on when I used to have to hang clothes out to dry at my grandmother's; she had a dryer but preferred drying sheets and towels on an outside line; it was fun to run in between and around them as they dried. Not sure what I would do today if my dryer broke; probably wash them and spend the money at the laundrymat.