Friday, March 30, 2007


I need to post. Unfortunately for those of you who are waiting for something new to read, today will not be the day for something exciting. I am tired! I haven't slept well for three nights, and I want to go to bed early tonight. I would have taken a nap today; however, I substituted at the kids school today so I didn't have the chance to rest.

On Sunday we are leaving to go out of town for several days so I probably won't be posting during that time either. I will be back though...don't worry. I don't want anyone thinking that I am tired of blogging and am quitting. I might try to post while we are gone...it will depend on the internet access. And I do plan to post tomorrow. I have a funny school story to share as well as a couple of other ideas. Talk to you then!

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Gina said...

Being tired is no fun, so I hope you get some rest before you leave town!