Friday, October 31, 2008

Stuff I didn't post when blogspot was down.

At the fall carnival I helped work the game in Jacob's class. It was insane. The basic idea was that the kids had to find tickets hidden all over the room. The catch was that it was dark. The tickets were spread out on the floor and the kids had to crawl around and try to find them. There were pieces of paper, lentils, string, and bowls of a flour/water paste spread around on the floor. The kids crawled around feeling for tickets and ended up putting their hands in nastiness. They loved it. At some point some boys decided to pick up the bowls of flour and water and dump them on the floor. A huge mess ensued. Kids were coming out of the room with tickets, but they also had the dirtiest pants I had ever seen. Since I had my camera I took a picture of the mess.

Now remember...it was dark. The flash lit up the room. I told AG I was about to take a picture so she sat up and posed. I'm pretty sure they won't be doing this game again. It was horrendous to clean up!

Will's class played a game of Deal or No Deal with candy instead of money. Here is Jacob trying to win some candy.

Will took a turn being the banker for the game.

Will also took a turn playing the game Fear Factor. He won the first heat of this game by holding his breath longer than anyone else. The next heat wasn't quite as easy. The boy behind Will was supposed to pour OJ into his cup and put it in his mouth. He was then supposed to spit it into Will's mouth. Will was supposed to swallow. Well if you know Will there was no way on earth he was going to do that. No way. So he dropped out. Evidently he missed out on eating pickles from between someone's toes, getting his face covered with shaving cream and cheerios, and eating a can of cat food. Fun times. (Oh...and thanks to Anny Park for this awesome picture!)

I also filched this picture from my friend, Lisa. She posted it on her facebook page. Since I didn't have any good pictures of Will from our pumpkin carving party the other day I figured she wouldn't mind. Thanks Lisa!


Sra said...

I'm glad organized games are a little more inventive and daring over in Turkey than in the States. In this litigious society, no one is able to have much fun anymore!

Rhonda said...

Well... you know that saying..."it seemed like a good idea at the time..."

That is too funny.

Hey, Im on FB, look me up. Rhonda Feuz

Lisa said...

I was just getting ready to get that picture copyrighted...oh, well. At least I learned a new word today. Filched. That's a new one. You are so techno-jargon savvy.

Natalie said...

sra - i thought the same thing when i heard about their games. there is no way they could do that in america!

rhonda - i know. there is no way he would do anything very daring. the fact that he played at all was impressive!

mike and lisa - i know. just ask me when you need some new terms. i am full of it...i mean them.