Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Some ponderings...

Internet comparison. You are used to dial up. You are ok with dial up. You know there is something better out there, but you've never tried it. Is it better to try the better thing once and know what it's like when you can really only get dial up or would it have been better to have never known how great a faster connection was?

Tomatoes. You are used to the store bought variety. Should you risk tasting one that has ripened on the vine knowing that it might ruin your taste for what you are used to?

Cigars. Stick with the cheap kind and be ignorant or splurge on a Cuban just once?

Brought to you by the crazy inside Natalie's head.


C.J. Koster said...

I have those same kinds of thoughts ALL ... THE ... TIME. Mine usually go along the lines of ...

Would I be willing to eat dog food if I couldn't afford real human food?

Should I still creep closer to that swan knowing his beak is at level with my crotch?

Yeah, so, uh, that happened.

Kristen said...

OH MAN! I laughed out loud at C.J.'s comments!

My answer to the internet question is, "NOT IF YOU'RE MOVING TO ARMENIA!"

The tomato thing...I would say "NOT IF YOU'RE MOVING TO AMERICA"

And the cigar thing...well I just have to say YUCK about that.

Kristy in AM

Sra said...

I say never shy away from something that could be excellent. It's like when I was in Germany and they have this soda called Mezzo Mix. It's orange coke, and the coke is sweetened with sugar, not corn syrup. It was heaven in a can, and no, I can't get it in America (that I've found so far). But I will never forget Mezzo Mix, and I'm not sorry I know how glorious it is. I've more or less given up drinking coke in America anyway. Stupid corn syrup and its uber fattening qualities!

Also, you can get vine ripened tomatoes in America if you go to the farmers market.

And also, if you don't know what's really great, how will you ever be able to treat yourself?

HeyJoe said...

Internet: Not if you have to go back to dial up. Why torture yourself?

Tomatoes: what the hell.

Cigars: Yes, though most cigars sem to taste like a**, I'd like to try a "good" cigar once just to see if there's truly a difference

You're welcome.

Jennifer S said...

Yes, try all the good stuff. Life is short.

But that's where my head is these days.

Mamadallama said...

Oh, I think without a doubt you should give things a try even though you won't have the chance again. It's like the old saying, "Better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all." Better to have had the perfect tomato once than to never have tasted it at all! These are the kinds of things that make great memories. And C.J.! Seriously funny, dude!

LiteralDan said...

I'd say, on all counts, let ignorance rule unless you have solid prospects of keeping a steady supply of the good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Dial up?
I would probably thorw my computer out if I had to use it.


Paige said...

There is a major difference between regular cigar and some really nice Cuban one. Or at least it seemed like it when I was sure I had to have one on vacation.

Another thing that the good stuff is worth--champagne. Some dom Perignon really will ruin you for the rest of it--but totally worth it

Irrational Dad said...

Smoking is bad, mmmmmkay?

I'd say it's better to know what you're missing, because then you would strive to achieve it, if that's what you desire.

Natalie said...

c.j. - totally cracked me up. love the swan incident!

kristen - me too! so funny that guy!

sra - i know. i think that's how i feel. if i have a chance to try something great i will. i just hate the disappointment when i can't have it anymore!

heyjoe - thanks! i knew i could count on you. i should send you a hookah. those taste yummy!

jennifer - i agree. my head has been there too. i just hate missing what i know is good.

mamadallama - you always know what to say. and i agree. that cj is a funny dude!

literaldan - i know. part of me feels that way. but then again...i hate to miss out on the good stuff!

#2 - i know i would! i hate dial up!

paige - i so need to try those two. one of these days!

joe - i know. it is bad. and i certainly wouldn't do it on any kind of regular basis. not at all. just want to try it once!