Monday, October 27, 2008


We went to Cappadocia on Saturday for one last hurrah before we head back to the states.

On the way to there we stopped at Tuz Golu, Turkey's salt lake. The kids had never been there so we decided to treat them to a visit. I made sure they brought flip flops so they didn't have to experience the walking on broken glass feeling!

Anna Grace requested that we stay in a cave hotel so we obliged her. This is the room that our family stayed in. There were three twin beds in the front room and a queen bed in the back room. They brought in an extra mattress so we were all able to stay in the same room. That never happens!

After dropping off our stuff we headed out to do some hiking through the unusual terrain.

The kids had a blast climbing through all the ancient man-made tunnels and caves.

We also met this couple on the trail. I am guessing she wasn't aware of the hiking part of their date. If you can't see her shoes please click on the picture. I tried to take this without her knowing I was secretly laughing at her on the inside. Poor girl!

While in Cappadocia we decided to go traditional Turkish with our meal on Saturday night. Really experience the culture. We took our shoes off. We sat on the floor to eat. We had tea. We ate at 5pm. Ok...that isn't so Turkish. We ate breakfast at 9:30am and skipped lunch so we were starving by 5. Turks normally eat late. The owners of this place had to turn the lights on for us. It was all yummy of course, and we walked out of there completely stuffed!

Jacob and Anna Grace chose apple tea instead of the traditional Turkish cay. It basically tastes like warm apple juice. We brought one of these copper/silver trays to the states back in June of 2006. We might have to throw some couch cushions on the floor and eat Turkish style to reminisce after we get back!

Only 28 more days.


Brittany said...

How fun!

And stop saying walking on broken glass...that song gets stuck in my head for hours:)

Anonymous said...

Why are you moving back to the states?
Did I miss a post or something?


Anonymous said...

What a lovely last hurrah! And what an amazing expereince for your kids to have had living in Turkey.

Tamara said...

That looks like a fun trip. The picture of the lady in heels cracks me up. We often run into women or couples who are markedly overdressed for hiking. The heels always crack me up!

Anonymous said...

neat hotel, looks like one where i used to work.

Sra said...

I wish we had cave hotels in the States. Those look rad!

Brian said...

Sounds like it was a blast! Glad you guys had fun.

HeyJoe said...

28 Days Later...Hmmmm, familiar ring to it...

Looks like ya'll had a swell time. Hope you're enjoying your final weeks abroad.

Melanie said...

Amazing pictures - what a fascinating place.

Heather said...

Dude - that cave hotel is AMAZING! I totally want to stay there. I was getting ready to turn in for the night, but now...my room seems so boring. So inadequate....

Anonymous said...

this trip looks outstanding! that room is something else.... and the food, wish i could taste the food... good memories for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I always wear spiked heels while hiking....it's the latest in outdoor footwear.


LiteralDan said...

Looks like you guys managed to get a well-rounded group of memories to take home with you.

You have a great way of documenting a trip or event in pictures. I feel so boring in comparison.

It could be that the guy didn't tell that lady about the hiking trip on purpose, because he hates her as much as he loves physical comedy.

Natalie said...

brittany - i've been wondering where you were! i mean it's not like you are busy or pregnant or anything. oh wait...yes it is! and i said that broken glass comment just for you!

#1 - we are just ready for something different. a break if you will. we might come back one of these days.

citizen of the world - the whole 6 1/2 years have been an amazing experience. truly.

tamara - i know. what was she thinking?

memarie lane - there are so many hotels like that in the cappadocia area. we love them!

sra - they are pretty cool. i will miss them!

brian - it was fun. i'm glad we got to go one more time. now it's time to move forward!

heyjoe - i know. i can't believe we are about to leave this place. amazing really.

reluctant housewife - it is quite fascinating. i love it there.

thewishfulwriter - see...if you had only come to turkey i could have taken you to that hotel. too bad...you missed out.

friyet - great memories. you are right!

#2 - i know. you should have seen her actually walking down the hill. poor guy...i'm sure his arm was practically bruised because she had to hold on so tight!

literaldan - yep...we've had a great experience. my life is about to get boring. maybe. i might have to do something to spice it up there! and that lady...it was something funny alright!

The Over-Thinker said...

You guys have the BEST adventures.

Natalie said...

over-thinker - thanks! i expect to continue having adventures when i am in america. that ought to be interesting!