Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I had weird dreams last night. Several of them.

Dream 1. My curling iron broke. I went to the store where some girl proceeded to tell me not to buy a particular brand of curling iron, because it was set to turn itself off after 15 minutes whether you were using it or not. She said that she would turn it on to heat it up and then come back to it a few minutes later. During her primping it would turn off. So I go back to the aisle with the curling irons, and there is exactly one kind of curling iron there. The shut-off-in-15-minutes curling iron. So I debated. Should I buy this one or should I just go natural? Should I just mousse my hair and let it curl? I woke up trying to decide if I should continue to hide my natural hair by straightening it with a curling iron or just let it be what it is.

Dream 2. I went back to Andorra to try to find that waterfall. I drove up and down the road we were on and never saw it. It was lunch time so I decided to eat at the place we ate at the last time we were there. Again I searched and searched for the restaurant to no avail. It was gone. The buildings were familiar. The town looked familiar, but what was there before wasn't this time.

Dream 3. I ordered groceries to be delivered today. We were out of fruit so I ordered 7 apples, 6 pears, 5 bananas, and 4 peaches. I always check the box that says to substitute a similar item when the actual item is out of stock. So the groceries showed up at my door. They had apples, but were out of every other fruit. So they substituted apples for all of it. I got 22 apples in my order.

I think there were a couple more, but these are the only ones I could remember. Anyone want to take a stab at interpreting them for me?


Sue Wilkey said...

OOOHHH me! I'm so good at this. if I knew you better, i could read it better, but: #1) You're conflicted about "being yourself" - letting the truth come out/show in your writing/be heard. The "salesgirl" is really you, advising yourself to stop trying to be something else.

#2) Sounds like your dismay over a familiar place (USA?) or your "old life" changing - not like it used to be.

#3) just a weird-ass dream. :)

That'll be $250.

Unknown said...

Can't top HHSue. Won't even try.

Sra said...

1) You are facing the possibility (or inevitability) of a change, and you aren't sure if you want the change or want things to stay the same.

2) You want to feel like you have no regrets, but regrets are part of life, and you can't go back and change the past.

3) You are trying to branch out and try different things, but your old favorites keep winning the fight for your attention. OR - You feel like you can't trust other people to take on their share of the things you need to get done without screwing them up.

Domestic Goddess said...

I'm thinking it is stress of the move. BTW, where are you moving to?

Natalie said...

happyhoursue - um...did you just read my mind? you are good. the check is in the mail!

headless mom - i know. pretty amazing!

sra - you are pretty right on i think. thanks for playing!

domestic goddess - it is stressful for sure. hard to fathom all of it. we will be living in houston.

Anonymous said...

I probably won't be as good but here it goes...
1) You're trying to convince yourself that true beauty is in the heart and not contained in a makeup kit or a curling iron.
2) Good things always disappear.
3) Even though you can't get what you want all the time, God will replace it according to His riches and glory (Philippians 4:19)

Natalie said...

supersmartkooger - you have no idea how much i needed to hear that last dream interpretation. thank you.

Me. Here. Right now. said...

#3 - You thought you wanted all that other fruit, and it's always been readily available to savor. But, it's no longer available. Circumstances outside of your control are forcing you to face the fact that all there is is apples. I'd switch grocers.

Natalie said...

hahn - you cracked me up. switch grocers. hahahahaha.