Friday, October 24, 2008

OH NO!!!!

Ok. I am having a bit of a panic attack. It seems as though blogger.com and blogspot have been banned or blocked in Turkey. That means that I will have issues trying to update this blog. Hopefully the issue will resolve itself in a day or two. We are headed out of town tomorrow morning and probably won't have internet until we get back on Sunday night. I hope things are back to normal then. I can still receive comments on the blog and have them set to be emailed to me. I hope you all have a great weekend, and hopefully I will see you back here on Sunday night!

Don't ask how I updated this time. It wasn't pretty.


Neil said...

I think we need to have a long talk with the country of Turkey.

Sra said...


Anonymous said...

It's letting me comment!

Enel said...

Glad I finally found you. Will add you to the list.

Say hi to Brian for me.


Andrea said...

What's up with that?!? Crazy. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

LiteralDan said...

I'm assuming you were able to e-mail the post for Blogger to publish. If not, that should be an option for when needed.

Good luck! Fight the power!

AnnetteK said...

I heard about this and come over to see if you were unable to post too. I hope you can keep us up to date somehow. Twitter at least?

Anonymous said...

They are on to you woman :)


Anonymous said...

That's a pain - you must be geting too subversive or soething. Hope the migraine's better?

Natalie said...

neil - i agree! i'll hold them down and you do the talking. it has been off and on for the past three days now. i never know what to expect!

sra - hee hee.

gingela5 - thanks for the help!

enel - thanks! welcome. we look at your blog as well. great pics!

andrea - i know. it keeps going off and on so maybe they are working on fixing it!

literaldan - i did email one to post. the other times i used a proxy server which just takes forever!

catnip - yep...i am twittering for sure. i love that!

#2 - i know. and i didn't even do anything wrong. much.

citizen of the world - yep...two days of a migraine, but all is well now!