Saturday, January 03, 2009


Remember that One of us got glasses post from December 2007? Well Jacob is no longer the only Dixon kid lucky enough to have four eyes.

Yep, Anna Grace joined Brian and Jacob as a glasses-wearing Dixon.

So now we have the smart kids...

and the fun kids. (My forehead looks freakishly huge...actually my whole face looks to be moon-sized! Wow!) (And I guess I should admit that I am a former glasses-wearing Dixon. I had lasik surgery in 2001 and have loved the results. Of course that makes me a smart AND a fun Dixon. Of course...)(And really if you look at the picture of the smart kids you can tell that they are quite fun as well. I mean look at Brian...really. So in reality I guess my smart vs. fun, glasses vs. nonglasses wearing people doesn't hold water...oh well.)

While perusing the Valentine aisle at the grocery store (I can't even believe they have Valentine stuff out already!) I came across this little wonder. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it near as much as the Santas. The marshmallow to chocolate ratio is just all wrong here!

And finally...

Because The Over-Thinker requested a full length picture of my outfit from the first picture in this post I had to oblige her. What you can't see here...my turquoise Keds. Yep...I was looking good! (My mom made my outfit. And it is an outfit if there ever was one. The word outfit never looked so good!)

That Over-Thinker...she wasn't satisfied with the full length shot. No...she wanted a shot with the shoes too! Ok...after much digging (not really...I knew pretty much right where to look to see if there were more pictures.) I have come up with another version of the full length outfit. Enjoy!


The Over-Thinker said...


Can I just say that this totally topped any expectation I had of the full-length version?? Here I was thinking that it was going to be some type of a dress and then you go and rock my world and show me that it's a jumper a la pants!!!! That outfit kicks alllllll other outfits butts. Kudos to your mom, though, for recognizing that you needed something to wear with your turquoise Keds.

P.S. Now you know you'll have to show us the turquoise Keds :) You can't just tease us with that kind of footwear.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere there is a picture of me in plaid overalls that are too short. My pants always end up too short.

I always wanted to wear glasses so I could look smart. :P

Anonymous said...

nice outfit! i'm just trying to decide what it reminds me of [?] but it certainly does match those keds! the fun and the smart are quite a nice looking family!

Domestic Goddess said...

Oh my word. That's quite an outfit.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Both those outfits are something else.

My sons both need glasses (one mostly wears contacts) and I finally joined them yesterday. Sigh.

Sra said...

Wow! You look like a circus tent in that outfit! Amazing!

So, yeah, get used to seeing holiday paraphernalia out WELL before you would expect it to be in America. Buy early and buy often, that's our motto. It always annoys me except for around Easter, because I can't get enough of Easter candy!

And also, glasses are totally hip these days, so AG & the other smarties are in luck.

Anonymous said...

That is a totally awesome outfit. Thanks for pressing the issue, Over-Thinker! I have had similar outfits myself but I don't think there are any incriminating photos. One particular pantsuit I had was a lovely shade of red, some kind of knit. I remember how much I loved it when we put it on layaway at the store. Three months later, I put on the beloved pantsuit to wear to school for the first time and lo and behold! It was now a highwater pantsuit, no longer so beloved. Curses to teenage girls' growth spurts!

Love the glasses and non-glasses family photos. Smart and/or fun, eh? Glasses are super cool now so at least there is no longer stigma attached to astigmatism. I love the glasses I have now almost as much as the white cat-eyes with rhinestone glasses my mother let me get when I was 11 because I thought they were beautiful. There are incriminating photos to bear witness to that faux pas, unfortunately.

A bit of advice fo you if you 'have' to eat anymore of those Valentine chocolates: just eat all the best parts and throw away the nasty old extra marshmallow.


The Over-Thinker said...

My life? Is now complete. And in tribute to you, the last photo is now my desktop background on my work laptop :) Because who doesn't need a good guffaw during the middle of the workday!

The ONLY thing that could have added to that ensemble would be for you to have tied your Keds with neon laces and put your hair into a banana clip.

Amy said...

bwahahahaha! wow...

Lisa said...

Did you wear the outfit because your mom made it or because you liked it or both?

Anonymous said...

Robert and I are both laughing out loud! Oh my...could that really have been in style?!?
This is Amanda, by the way.

maris said...

How did I miss those decades? I love those :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I wear contacts (which I look SO much better in than in glasses), so I'm smart and fun too! YAY! :D

HeyJoe said...

That outfit is just so wrong.

Natalie said...

over-thinker - i am so glad you liked it. and as you can tell i gave in to your begging for the keds and posted a full length picture just for you!

memarie lane - i think i had some plaid overalls once too! i don't seem to have a picture of me wearing them though!

friyet - i know! those keds were the bomb! thanks!

domestic goddess - i was the queen of homemade clothes. but i wore them with confidence which made all the difference in the world. or at least that's what i tell myself!

citizen of the world - well mine was homemade and my friend's was something her mother purchased. we looked good i'm telling you. everyone wanted to be us...hee hee!

sorry about the glasses!

sra - i know. amazing how hideous something that i loved can look now!

i have pretty much avoided the candy the past week or so. it's a good thing. i was mesmerized by it all!

mamadallama - i know...that over-thinker is a funny one! how funny about the pantsuit. i don't think i ever had a growth spurt so my clothes were usually a little too long for me!

i do think my glasses wearing bunch look pretty cool i must say!

i have only eaten one marshmallow heart. i have got to cut back on the candy eating. i am at the point where it doesn't even sound good to me anymore!

over-thinker - i am glad you enjoyed it so much. i know i had a banana clip, but i was always a horrible hair fixer. i rarely ever wore it any other way but down.

amy - i know. believe me...i know!

mike and lisa - i think i loved that outfit. i wore it a lot. do you see how good i look in it? i mean seriously!

amanda - i am so glad you enjoyed that. i only wish i could fit into it today. i don't still have it...i just wish i was that size again!

derya - i know. so sad for you!

emily s - i know. you are smart and fun! glad to be in the same posse!

heyjoe - i agree. but back then you know you would have totally asked me out with an outfit like that!