Friday, January 09, 2009

And we don't even have a dog yet.

Today I was faced with an issue I seem to have. Well I've known I have it, but today I have a slight headache so it was more of an aggravation to me than normal. My issue...cleaning perfection. Now don't misunderstand and think I have to have a perfectly clean house. That's not it at all. While I love a perfectly clean house I know that it will be a rarity. My issue is more that when I clean I end up redoing things until they are done...really done. For example...today I vacuumed. It has been exactly a week since I vacuumed last. We have had guests and lots of tracking in and out so it was time. I spent 30 minutes vacuuming the kitchen and living room. That may not seem like a lot of time, but considering there are 6 more rooms to vacuum it is. I should not spend 2 hours vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner is probably the best one I've ever owned. I would think I was done and then see a dust bunny under the desk. Got it. Then walking to the kitchen to unplug the vacuum cleaner I would notice crumbs along the edge of the carpet. The carpet that I had just finished vacuuming. The carpet I vacuumed after vacuuming the wood floor next to it. Did crumbs from the carpet jump off onto the wood floor to try to save themselves from sudden vacuum cleaner death? Why, no matter how many times I went over those two rooms, did I seem to see places I missed? It was quite frustrating. I was sweating by the time I stopped. I still don't know that I am finished with those two rooms I just had to get out of them for a few minutes.

Now it's lunch time. I have to walk back into the kitchen. I am scared to do that. I'm sure I will see crumbs that have come back out of their hiding places to mock me.

(For those of you who swear by the Roomba I must respectfully decline to be involved in that phenomenon. With hardwood floors and area rugs I would just get even more frustrated with it I'm afraid.)

(As far as the title goes I am thinking about the dog hair that will have to be vacuumed up. Of course that might mean that there won't be crumbs, but I'm not sure which I would rather have...)


Sra said...

Can I have you over to my place with the vacuum?

I seriously HATE vacuuming, and doing any cleaning that is floor related. Ian says he doesn't mind vacuuming, so it's become his task, but he's not one to take initiative on things, so our apartment goes unvacuumed for even longer than our sheets go unchanged.

Oh well.

Tamara said...

Hey! Hope y'all had a good Christmas and New Year's. Sorry our plans didn't work out to go to Houston.

I'm thinking y'all should consider a hairless breed!

Anonymous said...

I have similar issues with my linoleum. I've been seriously considering those slippers with mops on the soles.

Me. Here. Right now. said...

This is why we have children, is it not? To be our slaves and vacuum and clean. At least that's what the children declare.

Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh! I can't believe this post! I feel your pain! I have had this same problem every since moving into this house! I finally realized it is because there is so much more light in this house that those little crumbs are much more visible. I have all tile floors 4 cats and a poodle and this morning I decided no more endless vacuuming. Instead I went over each tile within reach without moving the plug. Then I step back and overlook the room. If I see anything I can go back to get it with the vacuum. I went all over the house like this. And then I'm done no matter what! I have to say I'm more pleased with the results than I was when I was in the endless vacuuming mode. Good luck to you!


C.J. Koster said...

So, allow me to vent a little. The floors in my apartment are hardwood, there's no carpet. Inhabiting this apartment with me is an Asian woman (whom I love) with long, dark hair. When she sheds, and she does shed, whether she admits it or not, she sheds a lot and the floor becomes this massive collection of Jinah's hair. And the bathroom after she has a shower? Don't even get me started. I have given up vacuuming and instead walk around with double sided tape on the bottom of my feet.

Anonymous said...

heehee. I don't have to vacuum. :) I'm 12. Y'all should get a lapdog. :) Cute little Maltese/Chiuaua mutt. I want one of those. They're tiny.

Sara Campbell said...

It would be fine to link me or post my blog entry on yours, whatever!!! :)

becky marshall said...

They have medication for conditions like yours. I can recommend a local shrink if you want!!! The last time I vacuumed that much i was on steroids.

Irrational Dad said...

I used to spend that much time vacuuming... but that was when I had a dog that shed lots and lots. Now... no more than 10 minutes per room.

Anonymous said...

See, it really works better if you just PRETEND to not see the dirt.
A bottle, erm, I mean GLASS of wine helps with that. I'm pretty good at ignorning dirt now. You could say it's almost an art form.
Happy vacuuming :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the "Big 3"?

1. Swivel Sweep all the crumbs and most visible stuff.

2. Vacuum over everything really well even using the hose and crevice tool.

3. Then go back with a Swiffer cloth to get all the dust the other 2 didn't get up!!!

And yes, dog hair is a pain. The Swiffer cloth seems to be the best on hard surfaces for that.

Hope this helps or at least you have found a family member as crazy as you are!!

LA Cousin

Natalie said...

sra - no! see the thing is i don't enjoy vacuuming. i don't get any pleasure from doing it. i just figure if i have to do it i want it to be perfect when i am done! and i totally understand the sheet thing! thankfully i love the feel of clean sheets. love it!!! so after a bit...no set amount of time i'll change them just because of how happy clean sheets make me. i have issues!

tamara - me too! we have no idea exactly what kind of dog to get...the kids want a pug or a chihuahua. i don't know what i want!

memarie lane - i have some of those slippers! they work great for dust, but most crumbs are just moved around not picked up.

hahn at home - i know. i make erica vacuum upstairs. it's carpet so it's easier for me to live with if it isn't perfect. the downstairs is all tile and wood...much harder to remove every speck of dust and every crumb. hence my overvacuuming technique!

mamadallama - i think you're right! we have a lot of light and more traffic areas as well. we are also tracking in straight from outside. in turkey we lived in an apartment building. we entered the building walked up the stairs or across the hall to the elevator and down another hall before we ever stepped foot in our apartment. by that time most outside dirt had come off our shoes. we did have cats, so there was cat hair everywhere. here we have no pet hair...just crumbs and dirt.

i'll have to try your technique.

cj - i know how you feel! my hair isn't dark or all that long, but it does fall out. i have to pay attention in the bathroom especially after i dry it. hair everywhere. i try to stay on top of it, because hair all over the floor and on my feet...gross!

emily s - your mom isn't taking advantage of you at all! you are perfectly capable of vacuuming! don't worry...i won't tell her!

i would love a maltese! my girls would too, but the boys think they're too girlie. we'll have to see!

sara - thanks! done!

becky - i know. i shouldn't let it bother me, but it does!

joe - i think when i have a dog i'll just give up and realize there is no way to get it all up. now i feel like i have a chance!

~m - i wish i could do that! i actually got pretty good at it in turkey there at the end! you should have seen that place when we left it. disgusting! here, because it was so clean when we arrived, well here i can't let it go yet!

la cousin - i think i need a swivel. brian asked if we had one today. if we get a dog we will be buying stock in swiffer i think!

i love crazy family members!