Monday, January 26, 2009

No wonder...

And now an announcement concerning food and the amount we consume.

I found the following paragraph here.

The average dinner plate today is 11 to 12 inches across – small wonder that we’re all eating too much. A few decades ago they measured a mere 7 to 9 inches. With this in mind, try using a salad plate when you dine at home. You’ll find your meal still looks adequate, even though it’s much smaller than before.

We recently got new dinnerware. The first time we used it we discovered that it didn't fit just any old place in the dishwasher. It had to be put in the front of the bottom rack on the sides only. Anywhere else and it was hitting the top rack. Very frustrating! I measured it after reading the above paragraph and it measured 11 inches across. The salad plates were 9 inches. We have started using the salad plates as dinner plates at home which makes for easy loading of the dishwasher and hopefully will help us limit our portion sizes as well!

Because Mamadallama asked to see a picture...my plates also have a raised edge, but it is so very slightly raised and food still sits on it quite easily. I elected to measure the entire plate knowing that I had no problems piling food to the edges if necessary!

That's all. Now back to normal. You know where I talk about a whole lot of nothing and take pictures of food.


Lost In Splendor said...

That is fascinating. Salad plates are a much more reasonable option.

LiteralDan said...

I read the same facts somewhere, and I felt vindicated in always using our salad plates except when Company is over.

There's just no reason not to-- you can always get another helping, and this way you have a lighter plate that takes up less space in the dishwasher, as you point out.

I bet the serving platters used to be the size of our plates now.

Mamadallama said...

Ah, the power you have over me! I immediately had to measure my plates. Ours are 10.5 in. wide but they have a 3 in. raised rim which leaves a distinct area of 7.5 in. on which to put food. So I guess we can stick with our dinner plates. Interesting. I was hoping to see a picture of your new plates with or without food.

Anonymous said...

I just got some new dishes off Freecycle and they hit the top rack too, but I didn't even think about it. The size plate we use depends on what's for dinner. If it's a one dish meal we use salad plates. If it's a square meal with different dishes I use the big plates because Brad doesn't like his food to touch. The kids use divided plates.

But here's something else to consider. When I was at my SIL's house last week I was kind of shocked at how they eat. For dinner one night they made the kids nothing but chicken nuggets and gave each kid about ten nuggets, and expected them to clean their plate. Cereal for breakfast, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch... no fiber! No vegetation! No wonder Jessamine got constipated!

Sra said...

This is so true. To be honest, we use paper dinnerware most of the time. I know it's bad, but you try living without a dishwasher! So, we started buying 8 oz cups because they were cheaper, and we figured we could refill, but most of the time we end up not refilling anyway. If we used 12 oz, I'm sure we would drink it all. So, yes, I believe if you limit how much you can consume with the size of your dinnerware, you actually will consume less.

Anonymous said...

I've read that. The kids and I often eat off salad plates, too.

Mamadallama said...

Thanks for the pix of the plates! I also have some fiesta ware and the rim on those just curves, it's not defined. Good thing we don't eat on those too often! I don't mind if my food touches but I don't like it to be smushed together. And every bite has to be an amuse bouche (perfect bite...I just learned that term from Top Chef.) My brother MIXES all his food once it's on the plate. My older son always ate all of one thing before going to the next. It's funny how many different 'styles' of eating there are. I'm also like Memarie Lane, a great believer in representing the food groups in each meal. My SIL got mad at my mom for giving her kids milk and fruit and said that now they would expect it at home!

Natalie said...

lost in splendor - i know. much better!

literaldan - i think you're right. in turkey our dinner plates were small glass buffet style plates. the ones here just look huge in comparison!

mamadallama - how funny. it was interesting enough that it made me go measure mine for sure! glad to be of service!

memarie lane - we still use the dinner plates if there are several food items to put on our plates. it just seems easier.

and i can't believe the meat and protein that day. seems like it would be easy to add some fruit or carrot sticks to that chicken nugget meal. they are both easier to prepare than heating up nuggets!

sra - we use paper for breakfast and lunch sometimes, but never for dinner. i got out of the habit when i was in turkey since paper plates cost an arm and a leg over there. we have a set of plastic dishes that are usually used for lunch fare.

citizen - i think it's a brilliant idea!

mamadallama - i don't want my food smushed together either so if there are several things we will still use the big plates. kids need milk and fruit. crazy!