Saturday, January 17, 2009

pictures for the week...kinda

Ok...I have been a bad picture taker this week. I was busy, but really there just wasn't much to take pictures of. The pictures I did take have already been shared with you for the most part. Here's what's left from the week. Get ready to be blown away by their awesomeness. HA!

January 11

I honestly don't remember taking this picture. I seem to remember messing with my camera and accidentally taking one. This might be it.

January 13

Jacob's birthday. He requested Taco Bell for dinner. It was way better than the Red Lobster Erica requested 5 days earlier. Way better. I will never eat at that Red Lobster again. Yuck! And I love love LOVE seafood!

January 14

I took this picture the same day that I took the one in the previous post. The only difference is the blinds were open. The backyard isn't as small as it looks. Notice the new fence. That was another thing that happened this week. The fence at our house was old and rotting then hurricane Ike showed up and left it leaning. The new fence smells so good!

January 17

A golf lamp I bought for Brian for some holiday, birthday, whatever day years and years ago.

January 12, 15, and 16 are just blurs. I have no idea what we did or where I was. Obviously I am going to have to work on this picture taking thing. I think I need a new camera. Maybe that would put me in the mood.

In other news my wii fit age is 31. Not too shabby! (Whew...big sigh of relief!)


Mamadallama said...

I like the pictures. I like all pictures, I guess, because even the ones that don't seem so special give you a feeling of having been there. Or something like that. Anyway, you're doing way better than I am. I have only taken one picture this year and it was of my dog! I'll have to make that L sign with my fingers and put it on my forehead for myself. Congrats on your Wii age!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - This is just the way of New Year's Resolutions. Maybe you can revise it to "I will post a photo a day if I have time for it or if I even feel like it." We're okay with that.

Anonymous said...

oh, don't get me started on wii age - wii is the devil! lol Most days I'm in my 60's to 70's (which is really sad when you're actually 26!)

Lisa said...

The Woodford Co. Fair in Kentucky has a "tacky lamp" contest every year. You must enter that lamp. It's a shoe-in.

Natalie said...

mamadallama - thanks! i usually love to take pictures so it has been weird not really wanting to take them. that was the whole point of the resolution or goal. hopefully it will start to come more naturally to me again.

citizen of the world - i know. i usually have no problems taking pictures so it was frustrating not wanting to. i guess it is like all things...sometimes we just go through a slump. i am hoping taking a picture a day will help pull me out of that!

kris - well after working out i redid my fitness test and my wii fit age is 35. i think i had trouble with my balance because my back was sore! we'll see if i keep aging tomorrow! (do i know you?)

mike and lisa - i loved that lamp when i bought it. now...well it's a lamp and it's in a corner so i'm ok with it. hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Heehee...I'm 15 on Wii..."almost perfect for my age" of 12. I guess when you're a kid you're supposed to be a little older. I don't know. Nice lamp. :) Happy b-day to Jacob!

Irrational Dad said...

If you get a dslr camera, it will change your picture taking life!!

Natalie said...

emily - erica tested at 16, exactly her age. the other kids were all over their ages. thanks!

joe - i think i will have to wait awhile to change my picture taking like. i need to save up a bit before i purchase a dslr camera, but i want one!