Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly pics

Continuing my New Year's resolution/goal of taking at least one picture everyday...

January 4

A ceramic tray from Morocco with some scented blue candles from Ikea!

January 5

Rocks I picked up on the Black Sea coast

January 6

Rocks I picked up on the Mediterranean coast

January 7

Wet wipes that were given out after a meal at restaurants in Turkey. This is all I have left! I love these things. They are perfect for washing hands before meal.

January 8

The window seat in my bedroom I sometimes sit at to surf the internet. Notice the pillow with the R on it. The people who used to live in our house left it since it matched the room. Their last name starts with an R. Yep...I've left it there despite the fact that our last name isn't Rixon.

January 9

Will brought this fabulous piece of art home from school on Wednesday. He actually picked art for an elective when we got to the states! Mrs. Lundy, his art teacher in Turkey, would be so proud! The shapes are made from folded paper strung on a piece of wire from a hanger. The bottom is just a piece of wood.

January 10

Yesterday we celebrated Erica and Jacob's birthdays with the family. Here they are blowing out candles on their shared cake.


Anonymous said...

I alwsy pick up rocks (and shells and seaglass) whenever I travel.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Happy Birthday to Erica dn Jacob! And I think Will is quite artistic. I like his art piece.

The 'Rixon' pillow made me laugh. I totally get it. I'd adopt a pillow rather than get rid of it, too.

The rocks are beautiful! I always have loved rocks and can remember hours spent in our gravel driveway as a child finding the most beautiful ones.

I have only taken one picture so far. Hmmm...guess I'd better find something to photograph right now!


Sra said...

Those rocks are way rad, and I was expecting you to say that Will's art project was something you picked up at a store. It looks great!

Natalie said...

citizen of the world - me too! i end up with pockets full of rocks and such. so fun and a great thing to remember the trip.

mamadallama - thanks for the well wishes. and i agree about will!

i made myself laugh with the rixon pillow too! hee hee!

i love the rocks there. so many to choose from. i always brought home way too many!

get busy on that picture taking!

sra - i love the rocks. i brought home more weight in rocks than i should have, but i couldn't bare to leave them behind. and i love will's art project too! he said it was easy so he isn't nearly as impressed with it as i was!

Irrational Dad said...

I hope you're able to continue your daily pics... what an awesome idea. My new SLR camera should be here in about 3 more days... I can't wait!!

Natalie said...

joe - i'll be looking for some awesome tyler pics! and i'm so jealous!