Monday, January 26, 2009


So this morning as I was waiting for the kids to get dressed for school I was scrolling through my google reader. Thankfully there were only a few blogs to catch up on. I came across June Cleaver Nirvana and noticed that I was crowned Peep of the Week for the witty comment I left on one of Holly's recent posts. She even linked to my blog. As I thought about all the traffic I would get from Holly's site I realized that said traffic would land at my last post. The one where I posted a picture of a plumbing mug. Seriously good stuff. Ha! I can't even imagine anyone reading past the picture. I thought about all the amazing stuff I've written over the almost 3 years I've had this blog. And again I have to say HA! There are some posts that I love though. That post about Jacob would pull on their heart strings. The post about my 9th grade angst...brilliant. (Speaking of brilliant I left a message on facebook for the girl I wrote about. I thought about it and decided that I would love to know something like that. I never did hear back from her. I am not bothered by that because if I was it would be like 9th grade all over again!) I've blogged about camping trips, trips to France, and trips to the pazar, yet the post linked on Holly's blog is about a whole lot of nothing. Oh well.

In other news I was messing with my camera last night hoping some kind of inspiration would hit me. I really want a new camera...one that comes with inspiration, but I know that isn't going to happen anytime soon. I figured I should just accept that and move on. I did get some cool water pictures which inspired me to take more during daylight hours instead of waiting until it is almost midnight to take pictures!

This picture just makes me thirsty. Despite the nasty looking background the water looks refreshing to me! Um...pay no attention to the nasty looking drain.

Moving on...
My wii fit age is now 28. Considering I'm 39 I am quite proud of that. Of course the wii fit still told me I was overweight, but then it complimented me saying that I was strong and had great posture. All this back and forth is confusing me! I don't think I can do another wii fit age because there is no way I will ever hit 28 again.

Good grief, this post is just as bad as the previous one. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. I am ahead right?


Anonymous said...

That is a very cool water photo.

Lost In Splendor said...

28? That's impressive! I am dying to get a Wii Fit. I never did win one in the giveaways so I think I will have to buy one.

That photo is seriously awesome.

Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said...

That is DAMN impressive - I love the WII fit as it is a big *ss kicker that is for sure and so much fun - I just need to be aware of the ceiling fan.. LOL

Sra said...

I think that water photo is brilliant! How the hell did you get it so crystal clear perfect?

Texasholly said...

I am very jealous of the wii fit age. Very NICE! ugh. I won't admit to mine in public. It IS below 67...after extensive training.

I have to admit I kinda liked the mug and I do like random so I think you will be fine. The pressure is on for a WHOLE week while you reign as peep. I hope you do get some new visitors...it is fun around here!

Real Houseplants said...

Hi Natalie,
I haven't been reading or blogging for several months but I've caught up with your blog today. Welcome back to the US.
Looking forward to reading more.

LiteralDan said...

You're always ahead-- just look at your Wii Fit age!

That water looks unbelievably delicious, normal-looking drain or no-- it's somehow nourishing/life affirming. I wonder why?

Mamadallama said...

Congrats on being Peep of the Week. I checked out the link and your comment made me laugh out loud! And congrats on your Wii fit age of 28! I think you're on the right track...if you never do your Wii fit age again, you will be perpetually 28 and that's a good thing. I think I should get one of those things and maybe I could get fit. The clothes hanger/elliptical machine sure isn't doing it.

The water picture is really cool and I loved the mug picture and accompanying story. I also mentioned you on PW's site when she asked for links to sites we regularly visit. The only sites I visit daily are you and PW. I check out some food blog sites regularly, particularly Smitten Kitchen.

Natalie said...

citizen of the month - thanks!

lost in splendor - i was impressed too! i don't ever expect to be that "fit" again! thanks!

cathy - i know! that's why i had to say it here. i needed some validation i guess. next time i check my age it will probably put me at older than i am with an aching back! thankfully my ceiling fan is not a problem. of course i am short...

sra - i have no idea! i used some setting on the camera. that was the best shot of water. i have taken a few more, but something else is always clear and the water is blurry. i need to play with it some more.

texasholly - thanks! you have to be kidding. i bet you are a young whippersnapper on the wii fit! i liked the mug too, but only because my kids request to use that one. of all things! thanks!

arizona albino - thanks for stopping by, kim!

literaldan - i know. it's from all that turkish food i'm sure! hee hee. water...yummy!

mamadallama - i keep trying to tell people that i am funny! for some reason nobody wants to believe me! now that my name is in lights i have to make sure people see it! the wii fit is fun. i am ready to add a couple of games as i am tired to death of the balance ones they have! of course i need to do stretches and push-ups. i haven't done any in 2 days! ack!

Anonymous said...

Ugh I have been sooo busy lately! I haven't done Wii Fit in 2 days! That is a lot considering the fact that I did it for 2 weeks straight beforehand...My age varies from 12 to 17. I think I'll go do that now...:)