Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lately I have been craving a few Turkish food items. We didn't bring any foodstuffs back with us, because we literally had no space for anything extra. I was thinking I was going to have to have someone send me some of the things I miss in order to survive. Then I remembered that a Turkish friend here in the states told me about a place I could go and get some Turkish foods. Today the cravings finally got the best of me and I ventured out to find the store, Phoenicia. I was very pleasantly surprised that it was so close to our house. About a 20 minute drive. In Houston that is like just around the corner! When I got in the store I was even more thrilled at the things they had. The prices weren't any higher than they would be in Turkey either! Since I went alone I took my time and walked up and down every aisle. They had foods from all over the world!

This is what my basket looked like when I was ready to check out. Well minus the beyaz peynir (feta-ish cheese) which I picked up after I took this picture.

They also had yufka, lentils, bulgur, jars of salca, and many more items. I will definitely be going back!

The two main things I've craved are Turkish tea and Maramarabirlik olives. They had both. I was a happy girl.

Here's to satisfying cravings!


Anonymous said...

Look at you! You're just about as cute as that panda with your Turkish treats.

For me, satisfying a craving usually involves a bag of chocolate chips out of the pantry...

Anonymous said...


i' ll send you an e mail:)


Lost In Splendor said...

That is so great! It's awesome that you can still get all of your favorite Turkish foods so close to home. I tell you, I am definitely going to be eying the Turkish section of my local Wegmans.

Mamadallama said...

I second that! My current food craving is a guacamole type dip that I've been making. I also made pitas for the first time today and they came out so nicely. I filled the pockets with guacamole and was so happy!

maris said...

I completely understand how you feel. I was very excited to find the Turkishy tro here as well. They didn't have Tutku though :o( But they have yufka and beyaz peynir, which are perfect for dreary English Februaries :o)

Johnson Journal said...

I'm so jealous! We only have a Middle Eastern store and I went the other day and they didn't have much. Nothing Turkish. I did find red lentils. They have a cheese that could possibly be beyaz but I was afraid to buy it. Enjoy! Elizabeth

Kristen said...

OH I'm so jealous that you found those Tutku cookies. Those are my favorite Turkish cookies. I brought about 10 sleeves back with me when we went to Istanbul in August. I promise I didn't eat them all...I shared with friends, telling them, "these are the most delicious cookies!"

Anonymous said...

Hee hee...I know that made you happy. My current craving is chocolate animal crackers...they are DELICIOUS!

SleepCompass said...

Hi Natalie!
I am interviewing my friend Cenk Eroglu who is a producer and musician in Turkey. He was just on the newest 'Winger' cd. I found your blog and am going to tell him about it.The interview will be up witin the next month at my website, www.sleepcompass.com
Your post made me smile, I hear the food there is great!
Sweet Dreams- Jane Sleepcompass.com

Anonymous said...

Oh how lucky to have that store near-by!

Kayseri Protestan Kilisesi said...

Afiyet Olsun! Baska bi sey istersen soyle, ben gonderirim size-ciddi soyluyorum!

Irrational Dad said...

That's great! You got your hookah, and now your Turkish food store. Good job!

Natalie said...

lynn - that totally cracked me up! cute as that panda...hahahahaha. and i'm with you on the chocolate. for sure!

nese - got it!

lost in splendor - i know! i'm so excited. i needed my turkish fix, and it's nice i don't have to go far to get it!

derya - they had yufka at this store too. it was right next to the pork sausage from germany! with no divider. the pork was all up in the yufka's territory. ack!

johnson journal - i had no idea they would have so much! one of our grocery stores has bulgur and lentils as well as turkish coffee. i wasn't really craving any of those things though!

kristen - my sister-in-law loves them too! we ate all of ours though and didn't share them! aw shucks. i guess that means i'll have to go back for more!

emily s - i could go for some chocolate animal crackers!

jane - i look forward to reading about him!

citizen - i know! i was a happy girl!

abby - tamam. simdi hic birsey gerekmiyor. tesekkur ederim!

joe - i know! and that store even has turkish hookah tobacco!

alpine said...

Couple things missing that grabbed my attention;

1. Taris olive oil (thanks to the government influence in the industry, no tricks to make extra bucks, pure as gold...)

2. Tulum cheese (all the way from Erzincan/Turkey, you either hate it or loooove it)


Natalie said...

alpine - i'm not sure i know what taris olive oil is. hm...i'll have to look into that! tulum cheese i do know. yummy and salty!