Saturday, January 03, 2009


We are back up and running. Well the internet is anyway. (I need to do some running, but that won't be happening! I'll start with walking...thanks.) Evidently the modem that at&t sent us was a lemon which meant that sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Yesterday we stayed at home waiting for a service repairman to show up. The repair window was between 8am and 5pm. He came at 4:30. Nice. But he was able to replace the modem so hopefully that is the end of our internet troubles. So far it seems to be working nicely!

Speaking of running...which I am clearly not doing...I need to make some New Year's resolutions. My problem...all of it. This has been a most unusual holiday season. I have had so much else on my mind that Christmas was very much an afterthought. I only participated because it was expected of me. After all the shopping for necessities shopping for gifts didn't sound fun to me at all. I usually love shopping for gifts for others. I love giving gifts. It also didn't help that money was already going out much faster than it was coming in! I am thankful that the holidays are over. I am ready for the kids to go back to school on Monday. I am ready for some sort of routine again.

And now it's a new year with new opportunities around every corner. What do I want to accomplish in 2009? I have no idea! I am a list person. I love lists. I sat down the other day to make a list of ideas for 2009, but I ended up staring at my computer screen instead. What are you doing? Any ideas you have that I can borrow? At least until I come up with some of my own? Please...and thank you.

Oh...I bought this little gem at Target before Christmas to try to help me get in a Christmasy mood. Ok...and because it was a Christmas album by Rick Springfield. Um...hello...I didn't even know he was still around! The album...not bad. Surprisingly. I listened to it some, but I must admit it competed with this...

Introducing my kids to songs like The Streak, Mississippi Squirrel Revival, Gitarzan (yep...that's how it's spelled on the album), and It's Me Again, Margaret beat out listening to Rick Springfield croon Christmas most days.

And speaking of music I must say that I have loved listening to country music again! There's just something completely satisfying about it to me. I'm sure I've alienated many of my readers by saying that, but I can't help it. Songs about things being chicken fried and ticks and boondocks and it being 19 something just make me smile! So much so that I am posting the lyrics to Mark Wills' song 19- Something for your reading pleasure. You're welcome.

I saw Star Wars at least 8 times
Had the pac-man pattern memorized
And I've seen the stuff they put inside
Stretch Armstrong

I was Roger Staubach in my backyard
Had a shoebox full of baseball cards
And a couple of Evel Knievel scars
On my right arm
Well, I was a kid when Elvis died
And my mama cried

It was 1970- something
In the world that I grew up in
Farrah Fawcett hair-do days
Bell bottoms and 8-track tapes
Lookin' back now I can see me
And oh man did I look cheesy
But I wouldn't trade those days for nothin'
Aw, it was 1970-something

It was the dawning of a new decade
When we got our first microwave
And Dad broke down and finally shaved
Them ol' sideburns off
I took the stickers off of my Rubix cube
Watched MTV all afternoon
My first love was Daisy Duke
In them cut off jeans
A Space Shuttle fell out of the sky
And the whole world cried

It was 1980-something
In the world that I grew up in
Skating rinks and Black Trans Ams
Big hair and parachute pants
Lookin' back now I can see me
And oh man did I look cheesy
But I wouldn't trade those days for nothin'
It was 1980-something

Now I got a mortgage and an SUV
But all this responsibility
Makes me wish sometimes

It was 1980-something
In the world that I grew up in
Skating rinks and Black Trans Ams
Big hair and parachute pants
And lookin' back now I can see me
And oh man did I look cheesy
But I wouldn't trade those days for nothin'
It was 1980-something

Aw, it was 19-Something

Now...after that potpourri of a blog post I should go. Bye.


SuperJediMom said...

At my Great-Grandpa's funeral they played "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" by Ray Stevens. That's my mom's grandpa mind you. It made us all laugh though...

Also I know it's been forever since I've posted a blog, but you did win the coffee contest. There has been a ton of things going on and I haven't gotten around to it. If you let me know what kind of coffee you want I'll get your address and mail it to you. :-)

Anonymous said...

As to the resolutions; One of mine is to read through the entire Bible in one year...again. They make those one-year Bibles that just give you days to read. The rest I don't think would fit you since I'm 12...but you can look at the rest of mine on my notes on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Not a country music fan myself, but I don't mind if other people are. I'm very tolerant that way. Also, as to resolutions, don't like 'em. But lists are another story. I do like lists. A To-Do List is what I have:

1. Finish painting the doors in my house.
2. Don't pawn off the door-painting on my husband. Well, maybe. If he really, REALLY wants to paint, I guess it would be ok.
3. Bake all of our bread instead of buying it. (I made hotdog buns the other day and they were awesome!)
4. Don't be the one to eat all the homemade bread. Share.

Well, I could go on and on, but this is your blog, not mine. Anyway, I will be interested in your list when you come up with one. Maybe it will inspire me, though clearly I need no inspiration.


Bteacher99 said...

Three words: "Mississippi Squirrel Revival". I had to go look up the lyrics just so I could laugh. I remember that song. I also loved the 19-something song. That one I have not heard before, but I remember that stuff!

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I used to LOVE Rick Springfield. I mean LOVE! I had a big poster of him (when I was 5 years old, even!) and I really wanted to marry him! Can you believe it?
Amanda C.

Unknown said...

I love the lyrics to that song! Many memories!

Natalie said...

supermom05 - how funny! the perfect funeral song if you want to make people laugh!

and thanks for the contest win! i totally forgot being so busy around here and all. any flavor of coffee is great by me!

emily s - i am going to try to do that again too. maybe not limit myself to just a year, but read through it again with purpose. if it takes longer i am ok with that!

mamadallama - i am not a big resolution person myself, but i do like new beginnings and goals. i almost always start any goal i have on a monday just because it feels like a beginning to me. and wow to you on the whole bread making thing! i am so excited to have good store bought bread now that the thought of making it doesn't appeal to me at all!

ms morton - i know! i loved ray stevens as a kid so i was happy to let my kids hear some of his music. and the first time i heard that 19-something song i just laughed. so many memories!

amanda - i do believe it. doesn't surprise me at all. i'm sure you would have been just one in a long line of girls wanting to marry him! he was a hottie!

headless mom - i know. i laughed out loud in the car when i heard it the first time. my kids didn't think it was funny at all! if they only knew!