Saturday, December 13, 2008


Looked through some old photo albums this past week. These pictures made me smile.

Senior year in high school...photo scavenger hunt I think.

Um...I don't sing which makes this picture even funnier. We were practicing for a duet. Summer before my senior year. Hahahahaha!

I loved these people!

Lance Borden in drag...Wheel of Fortune anyone?

And then we have my hair the summer after 10th grade. My hair looked remarkably similar to this the other day when I was out. It was humid and slightly rainy. Not an attractive look for me I must add. I went out and bought some humidity fighting conditioner and hairspray. Brian sang the "You're so Vain" song to me because of it. Um...hello. Do you see the curls? Being vain has nothing to do with it. Not looking like Bozo the clown does.

There are so many more where these came from. I might have to do regular flashback posts. Just to make me smile!


Anonymous said...

Nice ramble down memory lane! As to the hair...mine is stick straight and no volume so your hair looks awesome to me! I think most people who have curly hair wish theirs was straight and most with straight wish theirs was curly. Not many people are happy with the hair they're born with.


HeyJoe said...

In that first pic, why does the guy with the rolled jeans (HA!) look like he's pretending to smoke, while the other guy looks like he's shooting up?

Or am I totally off as usual?

Irrational Dad said...

I think it's time for that hairstyle to make a comeback! Do it.... and take lots of pics while out in public.

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Um. I can just say that your era was not much of an improvement on the 70s - hair-wise. I wonder what they'll say about the 2000s?

Anonymous said...

Oh my Natalie...oh my. I don't think there is much else to say. Amanda C.

Natalie said...

mamadallama - thanks! i agree with your hair theory. i've seen curly hair that i wouldn't mind having, but i think i would prefer straight hair!

heyjoe - you are very observant! you are right about what they are doing! i'm not sure why they were doing that though! fun times!

joe - believe me...since i've been in humid houston that hairstyle has been sported a few times! no picture though thank goodness!

hahn at home - no...big 80's hair wasn't so great i will admit! but in texas many people still sport the big hairdos. that has been fun to see!

amanda - i know. believe me i know. made me want to sing and dance to 80's music...wanna join me?

The Over-Thinker said...

Oh please oh please have a "standing-up" photo of you in the outfit from the first picture. I MUST see the full-effect.

I love flash-back posts. I get such a kick out of "Before/After" shots. And it's AMAZING how much I can totally see Erica in you!

Natalie said...

over-thinker - i know i have a standing up photo...will post! and everyone says the erica and i look alike...it's hard for me to see though!