Sunday, December 28, 2008

Football Sunday

Will loves football. I mean LOVES IT!!! Anytime there is a football game on TV he has to watch it. While he watches football he tosses a football around as well. I spend quite a bit of time during commercials answering to "hey Mom, catch!"

The evidence...

And here is a 2 minute clip of what he does during the game. Well...he doesn't always get so violent with the couch cushions. The Cowboys are to blame for that! I think I might have to send them the bill for couch cushion repair/replacement! You will also understand why he had to wash off the blue star I painted on his stomach for last week's game after only a few minutes of "wearing" it. I have no idea what he is saying. Mostly talking smack I think. And the video is a little dark, but you'll get the idea!

After we arrived in the states we had to spend the first 3 Sundays watching football at my parents' since we didn't have cable yet. The first Sunday Will didn't think to bring a football with him to use while he watched. He ended up tossing around an old Snoopy stuffed animal instead. Later that week we were at Old Navy buying some jeans and he ran across this football which he had to have.

For Christmas Erica gave him a Nerf football, and Grandma and Grandpa gave him a Dallas Cowboys football with an autograph pen. Now he is itching to get to a game to get it signed. Next year I'm guessing we will be purchasing Cowboys tickets. He also got Dallas Cowboys bedding from his parents. They are such nice people! Supporting his habit like that!


Sra said...

That is a Bunsnip football!

Irrational Dad said...

Dallas Cowboys... *vomit*


Anonymous said...

The kid's having fun! Go Cowboys! Go Will! And sweet dreams.


Mike S said...

And I thought my grandkids were animated during hockey games! Guess some folks are just born to be 'super fans'.

Brian said...

You taught him to be a cowboys fan?! No way!

Lisa said...

The kids watched Will's video several times and were cracking up. We couldn't understand everything he was mumbling, but we're pretty sure he said, "They're worse than Jacob." David was in tears when he heard that. Brotherly love.

Natalie said...

sra - yep...bunsnip...of course!

joe - well...i have no idea what to say to that!

mamadallama - he is having fun! crazy kid!

mike s - he would be a superfan if he could for sure!

brian - i didn't teach him anything. he learned that from a couple of friends in kindergarten, and he never looked back! i'm ok with it.

mike and lisa - i'm glad you guys liked it! we were all cracking up watching it as well!