Friday, December 05, 2008

The olden days

While going through all the boxes with the stuff we left in the states I came across this.

My 45 collection. It wasn't huge or extensive, but it was all mine. Rick Springfield, Van Halen, Tiffany, Elvis, Elton John, Twisted Sister, Journey, The Police, Donna Summer, The Chords, Chicago...and so much more. My kids looked at these records and then at me like I was the most ancient person on earth. Too bad I don't own a record player to show them how music was meant to be heard. None of this ipod headphones in your ear kind of stuff for me when I was a kid. We heard static and skipping and the sound of the needle as it played the song for us. And we liked it! I'm sure my kids are grateful that I didn't have a way to subject them to it all! One of these days...one of these days!


Unknown said...

Mmmm! I lurve vinyl! Luckily my dad has a record player so my kids occasionally get the joy.

Sra said...

Vinyl is making a comeback these days though. My dad has an extension Jazz record collection, so I grew up listening to that every so often.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's so funny and so true. I can remember placing the needle on the record so carefully so I wouldn't scratch it. I remember my little brother throwing them like frisbees. How aggravating was that?! But what will you do with them? Are you going to hold onto them, or get rid of them? That's the real question here!


Anonymous said...

haha at first i thought that red one in the corner was david hasselhoff!

McKenzie said...

What a fantastic find! I loved the Cutting Crew. This post is going to make me look through my old collection and play some vinyl today while cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie,

You should check out the Relient K song about vinyl. I have it on their new CD. It's hilarious=)
So glad y'all are back safe & sound!! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Anonymous said...

As soon as the picture loaded I said....."oh, that's Rick Springfield!". I am pathetic.


The Over-Thinker said...

No joke...my dream is to own an old Victrola.

Next time, whip out a "TAPE" OOoooo. They'll go nuts.

becky marshall said...

you can borrow a record player from the resource room at church, nat! we still have them. (but we use them for spin art.)

Kevin McKeever said...

I can forgive much ... someone owning any version of "MacArthur Park" is going to make it hard for me to look in your blog eyes again.

Natalie said...

headless mom - me too. it brought back memories for sure. now if i can just find the albums...they must be around here somewhere!

sra - i didn't know it was making a comeback. i wonder if they will be making record players again!

mamadallama - i know! i can hear that needle on record sound so distinctly. i am keeping them. i can't get rid of them now!

memarie lane - david hasselhoff...how funny. nope...alphonso ribeiro who played carlton on fresh prince of bel-air, but before that was on silver spoons with ricky schroder. as bad as david hasselhoff i would venture to say!

Rhonda said...

You do know that there is a demand for those on EBAY?! Not much for the more common names, but hey... I noticed a few "hot" titles. LOL


Natalie said...

Sorry I got distracted when I was answering comments the other day!

McKenzie - I know! I loved it. Now I just need to find a way to play them!

Cheri - I need to listen to that!

#2 - yep. that was his not so famous song "bruce" about being called bruce springsteen at times.

over-thinker - i can imagine. i would love one as well! a tape...i know. i would love to find an 8-track. that would kill them!

becky - i should. i wonder if the needles still work!

always home and uncool - i am so sorry. i don't even remember liking that song to tell you the truth! funny that i bought it!

rhonda - i can't imagine parting with any of these classics! only so i can pull them out again in 15 years and laugh at them again!