Thursday, December 25, 2008

Taste Test - Holiday Edition

The kids and I decided to do a special holiday edition taste test. Actually I decided to force the kids to participate, because when they heard what I was going to make them taste they were not excited.

First up we have eggnog. Now I don't think the kids would have minded trying eggnog if they hadn't seen a video of an eggnog drinking contest where the participants threw up after drinking it. I reminded them that the contest participants drank half a gallon of eggnog before they threw up. I was only asking them to take a few sips!

Erica finally agreed to go first. Hm...this smells an awful lot like paint...

I don't want to drink it!

Come on...just one little sip!

You could hold your nose while you drink it.

Fine. One sip.

Hm. What is that flavor?

Plants. It tastes like plants to me.

Jacob smelled it before he took a sip, too.

Yuck. That smells gross!

Yet he takes a drink of it anyway. What a good boy that Jacob is!

That's not terrible. I mean I don't really like it, but I could drink it if I had to.

Aw, is it my turn already? Ok.

But I'm holding my breath while I taste it!

Oooo...gross. Yuck. (And here is where I don't tell you that she was mad. Like really mad. Like there were tears underneath those hands, because I "made" her try it.)

Um. No...I'm not trying it now. Not after Anna Grace cried!

Oh yes you are! Everyone else tried it you have to at least take a little sip!


That tastes like paint. Really. I think I just drank paint!

Next up we have Yoo-hoo chocolate drink. What? You don't drink Yoo-hoos during the holidays? Well, ok, I guess technically it isn't a holiday drink, but I thought it would make a great edition to our taste test since my kids had never tried it.

So...what do you think?


That tastes just like watery chocolate milk. Yuck.

Ok...down the hatch.

Well it's very watery. Chocolaty water. Nope...I don't like it.

Let me try it.

That was really good! I like it!

No. I am still mad. I am so mad that I am not talking to you or even looking at you.

Please...just one sip. Ok, fine, but I am still not looking at you.

This just tastes like water with a little bit of chocolate milk powder mixed in. I can't believe you made me taste this.

Aw...come on AG...look at me.

If looks could kill...


Sra said...

Yay! I was wondering if you were going to do an American taste test. I love egg nog, but I can see how it would be weird if you didn't grow up with it.

Will said...

These are the first kids I've ever seen who didn't like yoo-hoo.

Anonymous said...

OK, now I feel guilty for enjoying that. LOL Poor AG. I've never gotten the hang of eggnog and as a true chocolate lover could never understand Yahoo either. But it was smart to end with the Yahoo. At least it didn't taste like paint! Hope you all had a really nice Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to sign the above "Anonymous" comment. Can't get signed in again.


Madge said...

i don't like yoo-hoo either. that last photo is priceless.

Anonymous said...

shees! yoohoo, not yahoo!


Anonymous said...

OK, I will never ever drink eggnog. Seriously. Never will even try it. And the YooHoo--that just sounds disgusting. And belated merry Christmas!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

You know, AG had to go through this. She needs fodder for therapy later in life.

Very, very funny narration too!

Anonymous said...

My only encounter with egg nog was actually yesterday. A friend mixed up some egg nog daiquiris. Let me just say some vanilla ice cream and rum must be magic, because it was yummy!!!!

LA Cousin

the planet of janet said...

i love it when you torture your children.

Amy said...

Well, I am sorry that my son was part of the contest that turned your kids away from egg nog. Actually, Caleb really liked egg nog before the contest. I don't think he will drink it again for quite some time.

Mike S said...

The Missus detests eggnog which I love if homemade. As for the Yoo-Hoo, tell AG to save the photo as evidence of 'child abuse'. Yukko!! Never could stand the stuff, especially the 'chocolate'.

Hope you're all having a great Christmas at 'home' in the 'new-old' home.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Hilarious! :) AG will never, ever consider a job as a taste-tester, I bet!
Hope your holidays are going well :D

Rhonda said...

Natalie, I love your kid tested taste tests...oh my goodness they are funny. We wanted to do a YOUTUBE with the kids drinking VERNORS...the fizzy causes you to sneeze uncontrollably. However, no go in my house. I will just have to keep tuning into your household for the next taste tests.

I do love eggnog as all my kids do...but something about a company that specializes in ginger ale causes me to pause and think "gross" when it is then associated with eggnog.

Anonymous said...

Here I was, all concerned that there wouldn't be any more taste tests now that you're back in the states! Yippee!

I've never tried Yoo-hoo, but I love me some egg-nog. Maybe the brand was off? Or maybe I'm just weird!

The Over-Thinker said...

Just think, only 10 more years of AG giving you that "look." Piece of cake, right!?

I was SO in the mood for another taste test. They bring me glee!

Crystal DeLong said...

I absolutely love Yoo-hoo. Always get it when I'm home in America. Can't believe the kids didn't like it. Sounds like you guys are enjoying the states.

Natalie said...

sra - i look forward to more american taste tests! i think my kids would have been more open to the eggnog had they not seen the video of the kid throwing up eggnog first!

will - i know. i didn't taste it, and it's been years since i've had one. i can't imagine that it was that bad though!

mamadallama - i know. poor ag. she is so abused!

madge - i know. i get that look often. what will i do with her when she is a teenager?

emily - the eggnog wasn't great i must say. but i haven't ever been a fan so i'm not one to judge the flavor!

hahn at home - i know. she will have plenty for therapy for sure. she thinks she's so abused!

lacousin - now that sounds delightful! yummy!

the planet of janet - me too. it's so fun!

amy - i can imagine. throwing up eggnog would turn me off of it for good i think!

mike s - the whole blog could be used as a case of abuse and neglect as far as ag goes i'm sure! thanks!

~m - i know. i wonder if i will ever be able to get her to participate in a taste test again!

rhonda - i guess we should try some vernors...but i don't think we will be anywhere that sells it anytime soon! i guess i could order those 2 liter bottles you were talking about! and i'm not sure that the brand would have matter on the eggnog. they thought it was gross before they ever took a sip!

andrea - oh no...there will be more taste tests for sure! i just have to find the perfect things!

over-thinker - i know. i think about ag as a teenager and cringe! i have a bad feeling about that!

crystal - my kids just about died when i told them you loved yoohoo. so funny to them!