Thursday, July 17, 2008

here they are.

In the past several weeks I have been asked by two people who are relatively new readers to my blog why there are only videos of Brian on the blog. How come Brian didn't turn the tables and take video of me. I have put videos of me on the blog, but it's been awhile. And right now if someone were to take a video of me all they would see is me scratching all my mosquito bites. So here are links to two videos of me. One by AG and one by Brian. Oh...and most of the posts with videos can be found under the video label in the side bar. Unless I forgot to label one which is entirely possible. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen the video by Anna Grace.

Hmmmm, crime reporter, interviewer, cameragirl. Does she have a future as a TV news ancshor or producer?

Anonymous said...

You know I love both of those, but we need more, updated, new videos of you!

ericabri12 said...

Haha Mom I loved the video that Anna Grace took of you! It was funny and cute! Ok so Mom what is the secret to your blog success?!?!?
And yes mom you are a super model (hint: So am I!!!:P )

HeyJoe said...

you video well.

Andrea said...

Off topic...just wondering what you did with the toothpaste? I just checked and I have a tube of that brand that I bought here in Germany, and it doesn't have that icky ingedient!! Crazy.

I will try and play catch up soon! :)

Natalie said...

missnightowl - well she takes lots of videos of things. most of them are deleted though. videos of the cat sleeping, or of the boys underwear drawer are just not that exciting. she might be a news reporter. i think she could do it!

charlie girl - ag's latest videos have been of herself. mostly doing a whole lot of nothing. at some point if she takes a video of me i might post it. we'll just have to see.

ericabri12 - um...shouldn't you be in bed? oh wait...you wrote this at 2:26. i guess that's ok. my secret is having four kids to exploit on my blog. that's what it takes. full exploitation.

heyjoe - thanks.

andrea - i threw the toothpaste away. our other tube of signal didn't have that ingredient either. i think it must be a discontinued mixture so they had them marked down so low. i haven't checked to see if they still are selling it. that would be interesting. and welcome home!