Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Naked Vacation

I know I haven't written a blog post in three days! ACK! Three whole days. What is up with that? I could answer another question. I could write about what I've been doing the past three days. I could write about what the kids have been doing the past three days. But I can't. I have searched for why I am at a loss for words, and I think I've figured out my problem. My camera is on vacation. I know that not all my posts have pictures, but there is always the option of pictures if I have my camera. I know I can use old pictures or google some pictures, but it just doesn't work for me. I don't function well without my camera. I feel naked.

OH...and can you imagine the hits I'll get from search engines with a title like that!?!


Brittany said...

Wow naked Turkey vacations could be a whole untapped tourism market!

SuperJediMom said...

Your posts have seemed a little "naked".

You should get one of those feedjit things like I have on my blog. It tells you where the people are from that come to your site and if they search for something, it tells you what they searched for! It's really funny sometimes.

Lost In Splendor said...

I feel like a lackluster blogger without my camera too.

Sharon said...

Well, I'm glad you posted something. I was about to send you an email or call to make sure you were still breathing! Not that there's pressure to post everyday; we've just become accustomed to it.

Real Houseplants said...

It's like the summer doldrums have hit. I lack motivation to write these days and my camera is right here. I also lack motivation to take pictures. Is there such a thing as a motivation patch?

Mike S said...

A listing of searchers might even provide fodder for a post. Gotta get some great ones with that!!!:)

Mamadallama said...

Continue with your naked vacation and come back refreshed!

Anonymous said...

Y'know. I think it is the summer doldroms. I think web traffic is down on the hole too.

Anonymous said...

Ha! From the title, I thought you were about to lose your PG rating!

HeyJoe said...

I don't know about the search engines, but it certainly caught my attention. Needless to say I was disappointed about the lack of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice...your camera gets a vacation and we dont.


Brian said...

Haha, that'll generate some blog traffic! It's been forever since I've surfed over here! I've gone public now, so I'll be adding you to my blogroll. How ya been?

LiteralDan said...

Naked vacation, ay? Now, is this like a Spring-Break-college-girls kind of vacation, or more of a bunch-of-seniors-on-a-bus vacation?

Because you may be aware that it's an important distinction.

P.S. I think I just upped your Google hits by a factor of 10, at least. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Just visiting by way of Twitter. I love that you have 2 boys and 2 girls. That is perfect symmetry - right?! I can't wait to read about what took you to Turkey. My husband backpacked our way through the western side of Turkey to Istanbul. Beautiful and very hospitable country!


Rhonda said...

Oh how I hear ya. I too am at a loss for my posts... and I have a TON of fun/interesting subject matter to exploit.

Just waiting for it to cool down as I can not do anything with any amount of functionality without being comfortable.

Sweating like a pig over here in CT

Kristen said...

You got me here at naked vacation.

Just kidding.

Every needs a little break, even the camera!

Natalie said...

well now...i get 16 comments on a post that really isn't anything all because it is titled naked vacation. totally cracked me up!

brittany - i know, but i'm pretty sure i don't want to see some of these people naked!

supermom05 - i know. i am posting today. i have to. i don't know what i will say yet, but i will figure it out!

sparkliesunshine - it is strange. especially since i post just fine without pictures when my camera is here.

sharon - i know. i need a muse or something. i did this same thing last summer. i wasn't posting as much typically, but i remember feeling like i didn't know what to say.

arizona albino - i think you might be right. summer doldrums. if you find a patch let me know!

mike s - i know. i haven't even checked to see what they are googling!

mamadallama - sadly i am not on vacation with my camera. i wasn't invited! but that's ok. i didn't really want to go anyway! too much driving in the car for me!

greta - i agree. summer doldrums is the perfect way to describe it!

citizen of the world - i know. but the title made me laugh!

heyjoe - so sorry to disappoint! you make me laugh!

#2 - i know. lucky camera. it better come back with some good pictures for me!

brian - thanks for the visit! doing pretty good around here...mostly! i need to stop by and see how you've been. i haven't been reading blogs much either! so lazy!

literaldan - i know it is. it is more the second one i would imagine. and you certainly did! thanks!

list mama - i love the boys and girls too. i must say that the boys are way easier though! it is a great place to live!

rhonda - i do too. i have so much i could say i just am too lazy to sit here and say it! i am always surprised at how hot the northeast gets! being from texas and all...but i've heard it can be sweltering!

we are THAT family - i'm sure you're not the only one! i am hoping that the camera is taking a working vacation. we'll see what shows up when it gets back!