Thursday, July 24, 2008

War Games

Today was an Anna Grace and mom day. The boys and Erica were all out with friends, Brian was at work, and AG and I were at home. We ordered McDonalds for lunch. Yep, they deliver here. We played Mancala, War, and Battleship. I love Mancala. I don't mind Battleship. I hate War. War never ends. We played the game forever, and when I finally whined and complained enough AG said we could count our cards. Whoever had the most could be the winner. I had 35 cards, and she had 28. See...nobody was ever going to win that game!

Note...earlier today when I said this sentence, "I hate War. Nobody ever wins!" to a friend she pointed out how profound it was. Nobody ever wins at the game of War. Nice.


LiteralDan said...

I assume your title is acknowledging the similar moral arrived at in the brilliant movie War Games (to which they are for some reason now making a sequel).

If so, that's excellent, and if not, well, extract the nugget above and reformulate the comment I would have left informing you of this fact.

Sra said...

That is just the theme of the movie War Games, which is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary! Timeless, I say.

Mancala is fun. I haven't played it in a long time, though. Used to play Wr as a child, and I liked it then, but I have no memory of it now.

Your Pal Pinki said...

One of my other favorite blogs mentioned the movie War Games then here you named your post War Games and one of your comments mentioned the movie War Games. Nobody ever wins at the game of war but they like the movie. Geez, what am I talking about? I swear I haven't been drinking eventhough it really sounds like it. Glad you girls had a good day! I think I need some sleep.

Anonymous said...

I love living places where EVERY restaurant delivers. But then I'm lazy like that.

Anonymous said...

Profound, indeed. There's never an end in sight, and nobody ever wins.

Denise said...

I love board games except for Candy land. When my kids were very young I used to remove the special cards from the deck that made you go back to the beginning. Anything to make it end quickly.

(I hope they never see this!)

Anonymous said...

I'm with denise - hate Candyland. And Chutes and Ladders. Otherise, I like most boardgames. I don't like Battleship, because it just cries out for cheating. A for War, well.. I'm a pacifist.

Natalie said...

LiteralDan - yes...i was referencing war games the movie. i saw it years ago and don't remember much about it but that. and i can't believe they are making a sequel. i wonder if matthew broderick will be in it.

Sra - i'm telling you War is not a fun game. my kids love it, and can play it for hours, but I was going crazy with the mindlessness of it.

Pinki - i know. there are times that it seems like the whole internet is abuzz with the same thing. it's really not a conspiracy...i don't think. i hope you slept well.

~m - me too! we have a website that has lots of restaurants to choose from. it makes me even more lazy than i already am in the area of cooking!

andrea - yep. of course i didn't mean to be profound, but i'll take it!

denise - i am not a candyland fan either. i ended up cheating so the kids could win so i didn't have to play it again!

citizen of the world - yeah...ag tried to cheat at battleship the other day. she didn't get away with it though...she is too easy to read. but we giggled about it for days!

Anonymous said...

Shut-up...McDonalds delivers?


Natalie said...

#2 - don't get too excited! delivered french fries leave a lot to be desired! my kids love it, but i always wish we had just gone and gotten it ourselves. it never takes long to get here, but it never tastes as good as at the restaurant. (hm..can i call mcdonalds a restaurant or is that a little over the top?)