Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ahhh...the great outdoors.

So we went camping. And honestly I don't have much to say about it except it was beautiful. The weather was perfect and the green was needed. It was nice to get out of the concrete jungle for a few hours. Here are some pictures and some commentary when necessary.

The road to the camping spot. This was the good part of the road.

One of my most favorite things about Turkish culture is their sense of hospitality. This particular camping spot doesn't allow you to build fires on the ground. They have these community grills set up so that all fires are contained in one place. While Brian was cooking the people you see behind him came over and gave us half of a watermelon. They cut it and basically made us all eat some.

Later another group of campers came and gave Brian this plate of rice. It was delicious! There were tiny pieces of shredded chicken mixed in. It tasted just like Cajun jambalaya. I almost went over and got the recipe! The next morning a man stopped by while we were having breakfast with a loaf of bread from his father-in-law's bakery. Seriously...we were sad we couldn't share our food. I mean we could have, but I'm pretty sure the bags of chips and snack cakes from a package wouldn't have been appreciated. I'm telling you...nobody does camping and picnic food like the Turks!

This little bird hopped around our table anytime we were sitting there. At one point he hopped onto the table to make sure we saw him. It was nice seeing some wildlife. This may not seem like wildlife to you, but we don't get much in Ankara. Lots of pigeons and not much else. We also watched frogs, tadpoles, and a snake swimming in the water, a little brown mouse come out of his hole to get some of the bread crumbs left by the birds, and a squirrel playing in the trees.

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Brian's take on our camping trip.

Having an evening snack. I think Jacob was in the bathroom!

The kids and Brian getting ready for our hike the next morning. Jacob was in the bathroom again. Doesn't Brian look thrilled!

Notice the rockin' camp hairdo!

This hollowed out log was next to the waterfall. They had piped water over to it so people could get a drink without actually having to walk in the water.


Brittany said...

Oh I love the pictures! And even your camp hair is hot!

Poor hubby...I think you married my husband's twin brother.

Lost In Splendor said...

The camp site looks lovely! I am much more of a hotel person, but I do appreciate the look of nature in photos, haha.

It does look like a lot of fun though.

Dixon said...

How fun to be able to get away and enjoy God's creation!!!
So comments from past posts are to be included... Well, I can't wait to you are back and Will can babysit for me anytime!!! I will have my hands full soon... Since we are expecting another one!!!!! The post with the chair I was wondering what Marcia was talking about in her e-mail.. That was FUNNY.. LOL!!! Also congratulations on your award, you deserve it you have been true to your blog, unlike me.

HeyJoe said...

Very pretty. Looks like all had a great time. AG-what a ham.

Mike S said...

What a beautiful spot. Those are the trips that your kids will recall when they're taking their kids camping. Great photos.

Brian reminds me of my Sis-in-Law, bugs LOVE her! I'm so sour they leave me alone. Never had a sunburn either.

So many posts to go back and read, so little time to enjoy them the way I'd really wish to:):)

Your Pal Pinki said...

What beautiful scenery. I love camping!

Anonymous said...

They are great shots!
I am not a camper...way way way too many snakes.

OMG snakes....ahhhh


AnnetteK said...

I love camping but I haven't been for a long time. These shots are making me seriously consider going again!

Natalie said...

brittany - thanks! i had lots of fun and actually have more mosquito bites than brian, but he feels his when they bite him. i am usually oblivious to the biting and only later discover that i have been eaten alive!

sparkliesunshine - i like hotels too...but something about camping appeals to me. i grew up doing it, and i want my kids to love it too!

nature in photos...hahahahaha

dixon - it was fun! and will would love to babysit. congrats on the pregnancy! we are so excited!

heyjoe - yep...you know ag. always doing something for the camera!

mike - i grew up camping so it is always fun to me. even when things don't go as planned! this was a great trip though. too short, but other than that great!

pinki - it was beautiful. so much so!

#2 - i'm not a fan of snakes either. the one swimming in the water was fine since we weren't allowed in the lake. and the streams and all were snake free as far as we could tell!

catnip - you should go! it was a blast! super fun!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

We love camping! Although we don't go anywhere nearly as exciting as Turkey.
Even in our local experiences, though, campers are generally so kind and seem to share a feeling of camaraderie. We love it!
I'm visiting from AllMediocre.

The Over-Thinker said...

Those photos are fantastic. Your kids are gonna have the best childhood memories.

I'm noticing Will's representin' with his street-cred. Niiice :)

LiteralDan said...

Oh man does that make me want to go camping, especially the shot of the fallen logs over the pit in the forest.

My wife doesn't, as she puts it, "like outside that much." Sigh.

(I liked Brian's Eagles reference in the video, btw)

Natalie said...

dysFUNctional mom - we love camping too! i can't wait until we get to the states and do some water sports along with our camping trips! thanks for the visit!

over-thinker - i was thinking i needed a new camera for these pics! the sun filtering through the trees made me wish for a better camera for sure! i took a ton of pictures and so many of them didn't come out at all because of the light issues!

will is quite the gangsta let me tell you. i told him the other day he was cute and he said, "no i'm not cute...i'm hot!" um...ok. cracked me up!

literaldan - it was so much fun. brian did enjoy it, but he was wishing we had some bug spray. the mosquitoes were hungry! and brian loves the eagles...loves them!