Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok...stealing another idea here! Because what's a good idea if it can't be stolen. So Marie came up with an idea for a YouYou. Then Ronnica shamelessly stole it and changed the questions. Now I am going to take a shot at it as well. The way you play...leave me a comment. Say anything you want in the comment. Then it's my turn. I will respond to these 4 items based on YOU!

1. I'll remind you of the first time we met. (If I haven't ever met you I'll just make something up!)
2. Where I would go on vacation with you.
3. What superhero you remind me of.
4. The one food item we love to share.

If you have a blog I will be scouring it for some hints as to who you are so make sure to leave me your blog address! Thanks for playing. (EDIT - It's never too late to get in on this action. Just leave me a comment here, and I will do a youyou for you! If you have a blog make sure you leave the address or that it is in your profile. Thanks for playing!)

(Aren't you glad I am coming home today? I'll actually have time to sit down and write a post instead of scheduling them to post while I'm gone. And I know...I didn't have to post anything...I just thought it would be fun! Now...get to commenting! I'll be back soon!)


Brittany said...

Oddly enough, with presented with the ability to leave a comment saying ANYTHING...I am speechless...

erinleigh said...

yay! I'm glad you're doing this and I hope your trip was wonderful!

Will said...

I'd like to get in on this, just remember I don't have a US passport.

SuperMom05 said...

Ah, this should be fun! I'm really excited about this... as silly as that is. :-) I will await your reply.

Sparkliesunshine said...

This sounds really fun! I don't know how much you'll be able to do for me because we just met, but I am very interested.

SuperMom05 said...

I guess I'll put my blog addy up here so I make sure you have it... plus it's shameless plugging for my blog :-) http://insanityasawaddell.blogspot.com/

Ronnica said...

Neat idea ;) I hope that camping went well!

Natalie said...

brittany -
1. at an air supply concert in jamaica in dec. 2006. you spilled your beer on me and then tried to wipe it off with a used tissue.
2. las vegas...particularly during the fetish and fantasy halloween ball...with my camera. good blog fodder!
3. Atom Eve...look at the powers and abilities on wiki...cracked me up!
4. brie baked in phyllo with mango chutney (you can make that, right?)

erin -
1. you, ronnica, stefan, chris, and brett came to my house and ate my parmesan. oh...we hung out and and went to ephesus. you were an over-chewer...i'll never forget that!
2. greece...and we can compare it to turkey and see which we like better.
3. Rainbow Brite...what? she was on the superheroine list...
4. a big bowl of pilav

will -
1. i was standing in line at los tacos trying to decide what to order, and you regaled me with taco talk. i ordered one to try it and ended up going back for seconds AND thirds.
2. rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland. i won't know who half the people are so you will sing snippets of songs trying to help me figure them out.
3. baby boomerangutuang
4. carvel ice cream

supermom 05 -
1. at your parents' house where we were over-staying our welcome. you brought your yummy decorated sugar cookies and i declared you my new best friend.
2. galveston because you didn't get to come when we went with your family. it's only fair.
3. Stargirl - read about her personality...
4. other than sugar cookies...goldfish crackers...i love those things!

sparkliesunshine -
1. at a pumpkin patch a couple of years ago. you were trying to decide if you should buy a tall skinny one or a big fat one, and i convinced you to get both.
2. volunteering at the keepers of the wild animal sancutary in valentine, arizona.
3. Sabrina, the teenage witch
4. cupcakes...lots and lots of cupcakes!

ronnica -
1. man...um...i met you at the same time i met erin. let's see...what else do i remember...oh...you guys stayed at the hotel gold and we all wondered about what color the bedspreads actually were. and wondered what the maids thought of the stench of your hallway...there was lots of pooping going on...well by everyone but erin!!
2. dollyworld. because i've always wanted to go, and i think we might have fun making fun of the busty, big-haired women
3. Triplicate Girl - you can be in three places at once...right?
4. funnel cakes...you said it first and now i want one!

LiteralDan said...

I agree with Brittany-- I can't take this kind of pressure. As soon as I click Publish Your Comment, I'll be all, "Well the JERK store called, and THEY'RE running out of YOU!"

Anyway, hit me with the YouYou

Headless Mom said...

I just have to see what you'll say!

thewishfulwriter said...

You better get every single one of these answers correct. The fate of our friendship hangs in the balance...no pressure, though...

HeyJoe said...

Let's have it.

Natalie said...

literaldan -
1. i was out walking my kids (yes...i have to force them to walk with me...) when we came upon you laying in your yard writhing in pain. there was a bump on your head and one eye was swollen shut. we were able to figure out that you stepped on the rake that m had dragged out into the yard and left in a fire ant mound. when you stepped on the rake it launched fire ants which landed in your good eye. you looked pitiful, but m was so cute standing over you saying sorr-ree.
2. the emmy award show in los angeles where you will be presented with an emmy for the best tv show ever. conversations with my kids. the kids are too young to attend so only the adults get to go have fun and party!
3. ant man - i love the shrinking abilities!
4. cheesecake or cheese stuff...whatever you feel comfortable calling it.

headless mom -
1. we met at that church bbq where we both brought the same bbq beans and weenies. http://tinyurl.com/5ll3wx everyone liked yours better than mine because your crockpot was cuter.
2. snow skiing in the swiss alps where we will look fabulous and skinny in our ear muffs and skis.
3. elastigirl from the incredibles
4. homemade bagel pizzas...yum!

thewishfulwriter -
1. i was peering into your backyard trying to make sure rosie was ok after that unfortunate edward scissorhands event when you came running around the house yelling at me and threatening to call the police. i gave you my diet coke as a bribe and you backed down.
2. the bahamas to one of those all-inclusive places where we will indulge in food, drinks, swimming, laying around, and whatever else to our hearts' content. oh...and if we book early we can get two free massages! huzzah!
3. foxglove - writer turned poet turned rock star!
4. chili cheese fries

heyjoe -
1. first day of class at the heyjoe school of parenting. i was the one with the big 80's hair and trapperkeeper to store all my notes. you were the teacher.
2. Whitby, Ontario...the donut capital of the world. i don't know what else they have there, but what more does one need when one has donuts?
3. the carpeted man
4. all you can eat pizza.

Will said...

I love it. Mmmm, tacos and travel.

Loralee Choate said...

Oh, dear. THIS should be interesting. (I would totally say more and be my smartass self, but I recall that whole "Conservative Blogging Conversation" that we had. Heh.)

Backpacking Dad said...

The effort you're putting in here is fantastic :}

Brittany said...

STOP! That is the funniest thing I ever read...and SO RELEVANT to my current post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are like a mind reader, how did you know my super power!?!?!?

Becky Mochaface said...

Backpacking Dad said you could make my day. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Amy said...

hit me with your best shot! (and i decided to change my name from scmom)

Natalie said...

loralee -
1. last year we were both eating away our sorrows at ruth's diner on emigration canyon because we weren't going to blogher. we both ordered the chocolate malt pudding and they only had enough for one. they gave it to you, and i threw a hissy fit. you were nice and came over and sat with me and they brought an extra spoon. this year i guess i'll be eating alone...
2. prince edward island...because hellooo...anne of green gables...our gilbert fantasies can totally come true!
3. misfit
4. large bowls of pasta with cream and bacon (you bring the bacon...they don't have that here!)

backpacking dad -
1. i overheard you talking about fencing while eavesdropping on your conversation with your wife at target a while back and went over and asked if you had a recommendation...chain link or wood post.
2. graceland...but only if you grow the sideburns and grease your hair. we have to look like we fit in!
3. mr. incredible
4. dry cheerios and mini bagels. because then we can share with erin too.

ok...for tonight...that is all. becky and amy and whoever might leave a comment after i sign off... i will pick up where i left off tomorrow...it is after midnight here and i'm tired!!

Backpacking Dad said...

You're awesome. Reminds me of an old Murphy joke, in which he tries to bluff his way into the Olympics:

"Murphy saw a roll of barbed wire lying on the ground. He picked it up, walked over to the guards, and announced: "Murphy. Ireland. Fencing.""


Ronnica said...

Yeah, we were awful smelly... Sorry about the funnel cake...if it makes you feel better, you have a better chance of having some before I do...I haven't been to any fair in probably 12 years or so! Oh, and I'd LOVE the ability to be in 3 places at once!

heather said...

OK...I am super-stressed out to the point that I clench my jaw so much that I can hardly chew by the end of the day. Yippee!!!

HeyJoe said...

The Carpeted Man; lesbian joke in there somewhere. Hey, it’s better than Blowhole.

Great job Natalie!

Mary Beth said...

Wow! This is a lot of work for you but I can't wait to hear where we met:)

Anonymous said...

Hit me with it! :)
(and hope camping was F.U.N. fun!

Your Pal Pinki said...

This is a fun writing prompt!!!
Hope you had a blast on vaca!!!

Headless Mom said...

Don't tell Headless Dad that Backpacking Dad is Mr. Incredible. He's already suspicious.

just joking, Shawn!

You Rock, girl!!

Charlie Girl said...

Glad to hear you are back... Where are the pictures? Did you drop the camera into a waterfall?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got at least one taken care of for you.

Natalie said...

becky -
1. we were both at starbucks and i heard everyone calling you becky mochaface. i decided to be a hero and step in and stop them from calling you names. you all laughed at me and starting calling me "natalie be nice".
2. Hawaii where we will tour the set of lost and they will find us irresistible and write us into the show.
3. the bionic woman
4. boston cream pie

amy -
1. i can't even remember when we met so i will say this...
at sunday school where you probably said something sarcastic and made me choke on my diet coke.
2. monterey, california where we will attend a toby mac concert and go to the gigantic aquarium there.
3. callisto - love the powers and abilities!
4. chilidogs...hee hee!

Natalie said...

heather -
1. i was in la visiting my in-laws. i took some time out to visit the awesomeness that is target and saw this adorably cute baby in a basket. i was getting closer and closer...being drawn in by her beautiful eyes when her mom (that's you) asked me to step away from the baby.
2. catalina island. because i've always wanted to go and that way you won't have to be away from maddie for too long.
3. crimson fox
4. garlic and cheese breadsticks...man...i am making myself hungry!

mary beth -
1. at a duran duran reunion concert. simon stared into your eyes as he sang so i tried to push my way in front of you so i could share in the simon loving. you were sweet and let me get in front. simon kept peering over my head trying to get a glimpse of you. you took me out for a drink later to help console me. sigh.
2. vienna to sample the chocolates...and visit the chocolate museum!
3. moondragon - love that she sports a shaved head...
4. chunks of chocolate cake dipped in melted chocolate from a chocolate fountain

mdwest -
1. you were at a rest area mumbling to yourself about a stray cat when we pulled up. after deciding the cat was not there you realized you had locked your keys in your car. i happened to have a coat hanger in my car so i helped you pick the lock. when we got the door opened a cat came running out of the woods and jumped in the drivers seat begging to be taken home with you.
2. an african safari where we will alternate squealing with delight and shrieking in terror at the animals as they get close to our open air jeep.
3. lettuce midorikawa
4. fried salmon patties

pinki -
1. when we were both picked to review potential tv shows for a major tv network. we ended up getting fired, because we had way too much in common and they didn't like that everything reminded us of some 80's hair band song. evidently breaking out into song was distracting for the other reviewers. whatever!
2. miami, florida. between the boating and the nightlife we might need a vacation to recover from this vacation!
3. nightgirl
4. deviled eggs

charlie girl -
1. you were coming to houston to meet me for the first time. you called me on your cell phone and i talked you to my sister's house...doing a much better job than the gps i might add! we hung up when you pulled up to the house. i walked out to meet you and felt like i already knew you...considering we had chatted online quite a bit i pretty much did!
2. cross country trip meeting all of our blogging friends AND stopping for krispy kremes along the way
3. joystick - you have to read the character biography...cracked myself up on this one!
4. sagos guacamole

Natalie said...

missnightowl - (i am not sure which one you have done for me so i am going to just give them all a go. i did see your superhero thing on your blog...so maybe that was what you meant.)
1. i was up at 4am and decided to make a random trip to a 24 hour cvs. you were the only other customer and you were rockin' your patriotic birkenstocks. i had to say something!
2. new york city. because when you live in a tiny town you need to visit the big city. and i haven't been there since i was 9.
3. owlwoman
4. pancakes...because they are good anytime...day or night!

Natalie said...

heyjoe - nothing was intended...but that's usually when i come up with my best stuff!

brittany - um...i don't know...lucky guess. i was laughing for sure!

Anonymous said...

okay...I'll bite! And one day, I'll actually get a blogger account...right now I'm just lazy!

Christy Garrett said...


Can't think of anything to say, but can't wait to hear your response!!


Natalie said...

t -
1. we had an arranged breakfast meeting at panera on 249 and spring cypress. i had no idea what you looked like, but you said you would recognize me. i showed up and we hit it off right away. we ended up staying until the lunch crowd needed our seats!
2. fiji - because i didn't get to do the beach with you guys last time!
3. wonder woman. (as i sat here and debated will spoke up with this one!)
4. peanut m&ms

christy -
1. oh my...when did we meet? um...i was 5 and you were a baby. i pretty much didn't pay any attention to you since i had two younger siblings. you and vanessa took turns crying, and i got bored and went outside to play (you are vanessa's age...right?)
2. michigan to see becky and to visit mackinaw island...because i have wanted to go for a long time!
3. black orchid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Orchid
4. chicken and dumplings

Anonymous said...

Great job! I love pancakes! And I have always wanted to visit NYC!

Mary Beth said...

It's amazing how you got my physique to a t, even though we've never met:} And my love of chocolate must be TRUE LOVE if it can be felt 1/2 a world away! Thanks so much - it was wonderful to meet you - and Simon is mine! All Mine!

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Dang, I missed out on the fun! Our internet has been DOWN, so I'm behind the times!

This has been hilarious to read!

Mike S said...

Is it too late to get in on these random acts of silliness?

Natalie said...

andrea -
1. several days after easter i was casually out walking when all of a sudden an easter egg splatted on the sidewalk in front of me. i had no idea where it came from. a few minutes later i heard this woman scream, "i can't possibly eat another one of these eggs. easter bunny, you win. i give up!" and another egg landed at my feet. i noticed this half-crazed woman, that would be you, getting ready to launch a few more eggs so i took them off your hands to save them from an untimely death.
2. Germany so you can show me around. i've never been (other than many trips to the airports in munich and frankfurt), and i've always wanted to go!
3. aquagirl
4. fruity drinks with umbrellas

mike s. -
1. during a clandestine mission to outer mongolia you came across my family while brian was attempting to golf across mongolia. you helped succeed in convincing him that trying to golf across the gobi desert might not be the best vacation idea for a family of 6.
2. japan...because i know you've been and i need to check out some of their vending machines!
3. Black Condor
4. red dogs...of course!

Mike S said...

Hehehe. You'll never know how close you've actually come. Thanks:)

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Natalie, you can have DOZENS of eggs if you want! Although I don't think they'd handle the trip to Turkey very well...

You're so awesome to dedicate so much time, getting to know your readers!

Memarie Lane said...

Oy! I hope I haven't missed out on the fun...

Natalie said...

memarie lane -
1. i went to see bourne identity with my husband who was there for the action. i was there for matt. my boyfriend, matt damon. you were seated right next to me in the theater and we ooohhhed and aaahhhhed in all the same places. we had a major matt chat and decided we could share him. then he went and married lucy. sigh.
2. India - where the weather is hot and the curries are spicy.
3. Empress
4. you share your raspberry swirl cheesecake with me and i'll share my hot wings with you!

The Rev. said...

Well, here goes - although this could be a tad difficult for you...don't think we've ever met (though I could be wrong..it does happen occasionally).

Your Neighborhood Reverend


BOSSY said...

Um, er, hi?

thewishfulwriter said...

wow. that's scary how accurate you are. and yes...diet coke will pretty much always work in the way of a bribe for me....

catnip said...

scour away!

ps. when bossy visits, you're in.

Natalie said...

the rev -
1. while waiting to donate blood. you were doing a crossword puzzle and i was reading a book when a guy with hurricane power sneezes came in to donate as well. after upsetting chairs, blowing magazines off the tables, and causing all sorts of havoc he was escorted out of the place by these guys in hazmat suits. those of us in the waiting room rallied together to straighten the place up.
2. australia because it sounds fun and they speak english. i'm wishing for a vacation where i don't have to try to figure out what people are saying to me.
3. The Ray
4. lemonade pie

bossy -
1. before you set out on your fantabulous roadtrip you did quite a bit of shopping for just the right pair of yoga pants to wear on your trip. i was also trying on yoga pants at the same store. you looked great in yours while i lamented the leg flab that refused to be disquised in mine. you were sweet and brought me a pair of support hose to help...um...support me. it totally worked and now i wear my yoga pants with pride...and support hose. you are a fashionista!
2. road trip across europe to meet all your bloggity friends.
3. Barbarella
4. Pastel Tres Leches (but you have to make it!)

Natalie said...

catnip -
1. while cruising the aisles at the grocery store trying to figure out what to make for dinner i saw you poking around picking out some interesting food combinations. i started to follow you and pick up whatever you picked up. you finally noticed and asked me what i was doing. i begged you to tell me exactly what you were going to make with a can of green chilies, some apricot jam, a block of cream cheese, cashews, and phyllo dough and you gave me the best recipe using it all. (i don't really have a recipe using all of the above ingredients so if you want to make one up to give to me you can...i ate something similar to this once!)
2. Cruisetrek
3. Husk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Husk_%28comics%29
4. stuffed mushrooms.

The Over-Thinker said...

How fun!!

Okay, here goes: Pickles. That is all.

LiteralDan said...

Wow, nice work-- that all sounds highly plausible.

Now I want cheesecake.

And to The Over-Thinker, am I to take it you are a fan of The Sneeze?

Natalie said...

over-thinker -
what? pickles? is that a hint? or are you referring to something about sneezing? i'm lost. oh well...here goes nothing!
1. i was meeting a friend for dinner and googled the place i thought we were meeting. i made my way inside and through the hazy air i noticed scantily dressed women and poles! i had accidentally walked into a strip club! you were walking in the door as i was walking out. i warned you about what you were about to see, because you looked like a nice girl...not the sort who would frequent strip clubs. you assured me that you knew exactly where you were. looks can be deceiving!
2. blogher 09!
3. boom boom
4. cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting

Natalie said...

over-thinker - or...
1. at the international pickle festival in new york in 2006 where we both lost out in the best pickle contest to spacey tracy who won 1st place for her sweet sunshine pickles AND 2nd place for her garlicky dill pickles.
2. Mississippi - the perfect vacation destination for pickle lovers.
3. Super Pickle (I had this book as a kid!)
4. pickled jellyfish - you said you liked seafood...

The Over-Thinker said...

Those are fantastic! Thank you! And I would NEVER go to a strip club---maybe I'd drop off my visiting, bloggity friends there so they could grab a quality cup of coffee, but I'd NEVER go to a strip club. Heh.. :) (Actually, what I'll never do is live that down.)

Guess what? You're probably not gonna believe this....although I work in the culinary field for a living....I've never had a pickle. Ever. :)

Hi Literal Dan! So I've never gone to The Sneeze, but I'm definitely checking it out now!