Tuesday, May 20, 2008

slliks hcet hgih

Is this something I should admit to owning? It's a seven disc set of 80's music and a book of 80's trivia!

I took this picture using my computer which evidently takes segami rorrim/mirror images. I tried to figure out how to ti pilf/flip it, but was lufsseccusnu/unsuccessful. The eralg/glare on the box is from the neercs retupmoc/computer screen. Another thing I couldn't tuo erugif/figure out how to fix. Yvvas retupmoc/computer savvy...that's me!


Anonymous said...


!sdrawkcab daer nac I gniht dooG

?serutcip eht pilf ot woh no launam ruoy daer uoy diD

HeyJoe said...


And props to CG for having the energy to post her comment in reverse. m'I ot yzal.

Anonymous said...

Seriously how long did it take you to type that stuff in reverse. I would have been typing for an hour! And I'm with heyjoe on this one.

Anonymous said...

!!ybboh a si ti ...setunim owt tuobA

!lol...siht ekil sliame eritne desopmoc evah I

!!!efil a deen I ,wonk I

HeyJoe said...

a efil si thgir!. taht ro ouy dluohs eb gnihsac ni no ruoy tnelat.

ym daeh struh.

Darlene (Dee or Gram-D) said...

WOW..cute blog!

Natalie said...

charlie girl - well i have to say i am not nearly as funny as you! and no i didn't read the manual. do i even know where the manual is? i don't think so!

heyjoe - OMG...was that in reference to my super cool cd collection or to CG's backwards comment. hm...do i want to know?

kristy - what i typed in reverse was easy because i typed it the right way first then just read the letters backwards to type them. charlie girl on the other hand has mad skills!

heyjoe - skrow ti. lonelyt emos ekat.

darlene - thanks! welcome to my crazy world!

LiteralDan said...

.tsaf ylgnisirprus :si rewsna ehT .sdrawkcab epyt nac I tsaf woh gniees fo egnellahc eht ekat ot evah I won lleW

!eilataN, tsop emosewA

HeyJoe said...

parc siht pots

Anonymous said...

!!!!eojyeh taht dnoces i

Natalie said...

literaldan - i thought about writing your name backwards, but decided that i would listen to heyjoe and kristy and stop. glad you enjoyed it!

heyjoe - i'm stopping...i promise. i can't vouch for any new readers though!

kristy - agreeing with heyjoe...it could get you in trouble!

Gina said...

I actually WANTED that set at one time....but I already own other CDs with those same songs, so I didn't. Now they are all on my Zune player!!


Anonymous said...

I know, given his past comment history, I knew agreeing with heyjoe could be risky...but all the backwards comments were making me sick to my stomach so I figured it was worth it just this once!


Natalie said...

gina - i have been asked to bring my cds to parties! i guess everyone loves some good 80's music. or they love to hate it!

kristy - that heyjoe is a funny guy i must say!