Monday, May 05, 2008

i am bossy

i just have to link this blog post written by bossy, one of the funniest people on the interwebs. it made me laugh last night when i read it. when i showed it to brian i laughed again...harder. the fact that i am still giggling every time i think about it means i need to put it on my blog. some of you need to see this. some of you need to laugh today. and if this doesn't do it then nothing will!

did you think i was saying that i was bossy? really? yeah...i guess i am sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Ummmm... sometimes? Really? Just sometimes??

You know I love the site...and I emailed her... lol

Natalie said...

charlie girl - um...yeah. sometimes i can be bossy. i know...shocking! glad you like her. yes i am.