Sunday, May 18, 2008


So it is 1am, and I am up. Shocker. Considering I was on death's doorstep for over 24 hours and the fact that I slept on that doorstep for said 24 hours I am not tired. I am awake. It could also partially be because I drank a lot and I do mean A LOT of diet coke today. I also ate food. Good tasting, real food. For the first time in 2 days. I make a pathetic sick person. I like food too much. Good food. So the whole time I am sick I still have the desire to eat. I didn't this time, but only because I didn't have the desire to see that food again. And believe me I would have. But as soon as I could eat food without worrying about a repeat performance I indulged. And now because I ate food today...not a lot of food...but more than enough my stomach feels tight. And I don't mean tight in the I've been doing stomach crunches kind of way. I mean in that I shouldn't have eaten those french fries and had quite so much diet coke kind of way. So I am not tired, my stomach is mad at me, and I am blogging about it. I so need a life!


Anonymous said...

You would make any medical professional question their overall choice of being in the medical field... you are a bad patient and I mean.. B-A-D!

Glad you are feeling better...

Loralee Choate said...

Oh, that kind of sick is just about the worst kind that there is. BLECK.

LiteralDan said...

I'm not sure about Turkey, but here in the US, most doctors recommend at least a full case of Diet Coke whenever you have a stomach, chest, or head affliction. Maybe that's your problem-- you didn't drink enough. That's what my doctor usually says. And sure enough, all my illnesses eventually go away.

Then again, I do generally see him at his office in the Coca-Cola Medical Research and Experimentation Center.

Natalie said...

charlie girl - i rarely ask for help from medical professionals so i don't have to follow their advice. is that bad?

loralee - i know. it wasn't pretty.

literaldan - more diet coke? man...i should have tried that! next time!