Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scarlett singing

Brian was also perusing iTunes tonight looking for some new tunes when he ran across a new album by Scarlett Johansson. Wait...isn't she an actress? The album was averaging 1 1/2 stars out of 5. This deserved some attention. So he listened. And agreed with many of the commentators while laughing at some of the descriptives used to analyze her work. Then he came across this one.

Move over William Shatner, there’s a new actor / awful singer sheriff in town! I for one couldn’t be more delighted. Capt. Kirk set the bar very high indeed for thespians who thought they could sing (I’m looking at you Hasselhoff); but Scarlett is my new muse. I would give this a hundred stars if I was able; it’s that wonderfully bad! Thank you Scarlett, the gauntlet is passed to a younger generation. Never stop singing…never.

And the result was the following video.

Here is a link to Scarlett's album on Amazon.
There is a great video of Scarlett talking about making the album with music clips interspersed throughout. Or you can check it out on itunes as well!

And to be fair to William Shatner I'll link this too.



Anonymous said...

THAT was great!!

I love watching people get that tickled about something... and watching grown men cry over music, well it does not get much better than that!

I did not know Brian was such a softie... his "man crush" stock just went up.... or is that down? No it went up!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Oh lord, I'm scared to go over and look at it...

Your husband is a good sport! :0)

Welcome to AllMediocre!

Now I'm off to go laugh at SJ!

SuperJediMom said...

That had to be the funniest/most awful thing I have ever heard! I think that she is a great actress but this... wow. There are no words to discribe this. Either that or there are too many words and I just can't decide.

I am Billy and Gina's daughter by the way. I have my own blog on here as well. I love reading your blog. Your so funny!

Does Brian need another tissue?

Momo Fali said...

I wonder if Bill Shatner is the one who posted that comment in order to take the heat off himself.

Thanks for the laugh!

Chrissy Johnson said...

You guys are too cute.

Gina said...

Well...she's definitely not a soprano. I think the frogs I hear outside my window sound better than her. Matter of fact, my attic fan sounds better than her.

Natalie said...

charlie girl - it was great! you are right. he couldn't stop laughing most of the evening.

a mom - thanks! he has learned to put up with me taking videos and pictures of most situations! and it was priceless!

supermom - i'm glad you are reading! your parents are great! we love them. and the singing...well it was horrible! and funny.

momo fali - i never thought of it. i think the name of the comment poster was captain jolly. a code name for captain kirk...quite possibly!

chrissy - thanks. brian says he agrees!

gina - your comment was the kind that got brian giggling in the first place!

Natalie said...

heyjoe - you are right. sj should stick to those things! she is much, much better at them for sure!

HeyJoe said...

I'm glad we agree :)