Saturday, May 17, 2008

rumbly in my tumbly

On Friday I subbed at the kids' school. Well, I kinda subbed. At noon I had to ask to go home. I had been fighting an upset tummy, and well, it got to the point where I knew I couldn't make it. So a sub was called in to finish the day for me. What makes it even funnier is that I was already subbing for the original sub. When the teacher comes back on Monday she is going to be so confused I know!

Today I'm still not feeling great. I have been drinking water, but it is making me gag. It doesn't taste good at all. Brian was sweet and went to the store to get me this.

We call it a bloody orange. That is pretty much the literal translation. I have a feeling there isn't any actual blood orange juice in it, but hey, actual citrus juice would probably mess my stomach up. I'll take the fake stuff.

So...that's it. Nothing exciting happening around here. (Well, that's not exactly true, but we are saving that for a later post.)


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!

HeyJoe said...

Feel better, Pooh.

Piglet, Me.

The Over-Thinker said...

That could quite possibly be the loveliest name of a beverage ever. I hope you feel better soon--the stomach stuff is the worst. And you know it's bad when water doesn't want to stay down.

Mike S said...

Get well soon. You can DRINK water??? Who'd'a thunk such a crazy thing!! Yukko!!

Natalie said...

charlie girl - i appreciate it. i really do!

heyjoe - how come i knew you would know? because you are just one of those people, you know?

over-thinker - thanks for the visit...and i agree about the name of the beverage. i mean who wouldn't say yes when offered a bloody orange? and it is so much better than water!

mike - well...i am a water snob and only drink bottled water...the stuff out of the tap here is...as a wise man once said...Yukko!