Monday, May 05, 2008

dine & dance 2008

Tonight we ordered Chinese food for dinner. I chose the pay-at-the-door-with-my-credit-card option, but scrounged around the house to find cash just in case my credit card didn't work with their we-don't-know-about-these-American-credit-cards credit card machine. As luck would have it my card was not recognized so Will and Jacob came to the rescue. Yeah...they are 12 and 10, and they have more money than me. So.

Anyway. After paying for the Chinese food I opened my bag to discover this sweet prize!

Complete with the songs Whatever by Max Melvin, Fremde Meoldien by Spax, No Gimmicks by Privat Instrumental, and Love is Psychedelic by Fantastic Plastic Machine.

I am so cool now!


HeyJoe said...

So did you dance after dining?

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about Will & Jacob coming up with the cash--I thought all parents had to borrow from their kids:) Glad to know it's not just me!

My word verification is llsuebm-wonder what that means?

Anonymous said...

You get a CD instead of fortune cookies? That is cool... will have to look up the music.... of course!

becky marshall said...

are those REALLY songs?????

Lisa said...

Which was better - the Chinese food made by Turks or the CD? Did your sweet and sour chicken come loaded with semi-cooked cucumbers? And can I get an entire CD by the artist Fantastic Plastic Machine? Do tell.

Natalie said...

heyjoe - no...i didn't dance after i ate. i might have tapped my foot though.

cheri - good to know. i think they owe me anyway...with as much money as i fork out for all their stuff i deserve for them to buy me dinner every once in awhile!

charlie girl - don't bother...it really wasn't good music!

becky - yes...those were all songs! others on the cd...groove armada singing universal unfolding, subconscious singing irreconcilable and greyboy singing bath music. it was great fodder for a blog post...but not much else!

mike and lisa - well according to itunes fantastic plastic machine has a whole album out...with 5 whole songs on it for $4.95. and yes...the chinese food was yummy...with suspicious green things in the sweet and sour chicken.