Saturday, May 03, 2008

a really good blog post idea.

ok...so i was thinking today about a couple of things that would make really good blog posts. now i am sitting here trying to remember what they were. honestly, they were good! thinking back on my day. what did i do? what triggered these awesome blog post ideas? slept late, rainy weather, ate pizza for lunch, talked to family, took a nap, went to the store, took a shower, went to a baby shower. yeah...pretty much nothing that would trigger a blog post. maybe it was a dream. maybe i had a dream about this awesome blog post idea. man. i guess i could pose a question.

after reading the ideas for the flavor of a bag of country doritos i started wondering about other flavors. gina said road kill possum or squirrel would make a great red-neck doritos flavor. cracked me up. anyone else have any good dorito flavors?

i know...lame blog post. but really i had something good. i'll keep thinking. you just send me chip flavor ideas, ok? thanks.


Me. Here. Right now. said...

notepad...or blackberry...just wait until menopause when the mind goes completely

Anonymous said...

Flavors? Hmmmm.... I think tequila in honor of the upcoming holiday? I am all for a Beer flavored chip!

I have seen the ones with guacamole flavor, but can't remember if it was Doritos brand or not. If I can remember correctly, they were not bad, but not great. I think I used them to dip into real guacamole, which defeats the purpose huh?

I wonder if a venison flavored one would be big with deer hunters?

Hmmmm.... it is 2 AM... and now I have the munchies! Thanks Nat, seriously... these posts are great... for me, who has no self control...

Mike S said...

Sorry, been busy munching spicy pork rinds and forgot what I was thinking of before. Maybe a coupla bottles of good local ale will jog my memory:)

Natalie said...

hahn - yeah...a notepad would work. i think i was in the car while thinking about them, and i know one of them had to do with food. but i can't remember where i was going with it. oh well. i'm sure it wasn't that important. probably going to talk about how great the taco i ate was or something!

charlie girl - yeah...sorry about the munchies. i give them to myself quite often with my posts!

mike - well...if not don't worry about it. i have moved on. and there will be some other food drivel on here soon enough i would imagine!

LiteralDan said...

I hate when that happens. I try to have a notebook with me at all times, but short of composing the entire entry right on the spot, a lot of times the subtleties are lost in translations once I get to sit down at the computer.

And it's always a devastatingly tragic loss to the world, to be sure.

Natalie said...

literaldan - i know. i can't imagine how much better the world would be if i had only blogged all those forgotten posts. i mean really...to be sure!