Monday, May 26, 2008


Have you ever thought about bushes?

No...not these Bush's...

or these...

or even these.

I'm talking about the plant variety. They come in all different sizes, but for some reason when I hear about bushes I think small, fairly dense plants. I guess they would be considered shrubs more than bushes.

Yeah...shrubs...planted around a house...in a flowerbed. But we aren't talking about shrubs now are we? Nope...we are talking about bushes.

Like these honeysuckle bushes. Not very dense...easy to see through. If someone was playing a game of hide and seek and chose to hide behind these bushes they would be sure to be found.

What about these? Large bushes...lots of foliage to hide behind. The problem here would be trying to cross alligator creek!

These bushes seem like they could work...but there is entirely too much open space around them. Definitely not the perfect hiding place.

Nope...didn't you learn anything? These are not bushes...they are shrubs. Moving along...

Blackberry bushes while quite dense are also quite prickly. Your friends might not find you if you hide here, but I can't promise the bees and bears won't!

Ah....look. It's perfect. Bushes and trees to hide in. A nice lawn for picnicking on when you tire of your game. And the gentle flow of a creek. Obviously there are no alligators in this one...the ducks wouldn't stand for it!

Brought to you by one who runs in this park and enjoys the scenery.


HeyJoe said...


Is that censorship I smell?

Natalie said...

heyjoe - yep...the sweet smell of censorship!

Anonymous said...

Heyjoe- She censored me as well, so you are NOT alone this time in censorship land... I never knew how lonely you were way over here... Can we be friends now?