Thursday, February 08, 2007


I can't believe it. Yesterday I wrote an amazingly long blog about me. I know...not exactly what you want to read about, but hey, it is my blog after all. And then at the end I asked for feedback. I humbled myself...again, about me...took a learners posture and asked for people to critique me. I can't believe that out of the 60 people who looked at my blog over the last two days nobody said anything smart. And I don't mean brilliantly smart...I seriously expected someone to talk about how "messed up" I am or something. Maybe people saw how long the blog was and chose not to read it. Amy commented (and I appreciate it!) and I got one email about it, but that was it. Nobody took advantage of my invitation to say something ugly! Wow, you people are too nice!


Gina said...

You actually WANTED ugly comments?? Okay....here's my ugly comment....HOMER SIMPSON!! HA!!
(yeah..I'm a little weird...just ask Billy...)

Anonymous said...

You are different, but it's a good different. You are more self-confident and independent. I think the changes I noticed in you were all positive. It is amazing the way He teaches and grows us.