Friday, February 16, 2007

Important information!

I know many of you may be tired of the bathroom talk. With the talk about animal poop in the asure blog and the whole post about the proper usage of a squatty potty you may be beginning to wonder where my brain is. Well this post is also about a bathroom. Last one...I promise...well at least for now.

This sign was posted on the inside of a bathroom stall. This stall had a "normal" toilet in it. Actually it was a little fancy. It had the plastic stuff covering the seat. You could press a button, and the used plastic would rotate out and a fresh piece rotated in. Anyway...back to the sign. I was really amused by the directions on the sign. Here is a basic translation.

1. Don't smoke in the bathroom.
I know for a fact that this rule had been broken, because the whole bathroom smelled like cigarette smoke.

2. When using the "alafranga" toilet (normal sit down kind) your children should not stand on the seat. Teach them how to sit down and use it.
I can just picture children trying to stand on the seat and squat to use it!

3. Teach your children the right way to use an "alaturka" toilet (squatty).

4. Before AND after using the toilet don't forget to flush.
I never heard this one before! Seems like a waste of water to me!

5. Please throw your trash in the trash can.

6. After using the toilet definitely wash your hands with soap.

7. Don't forget to turn on the faucet.
This one confuses me. I think it should say 'don't forget to turn off the faucet' but that is not the word they are using. I looked it up thinking that maybe there could be some other way to say it, but I couldn't find anything else that made sense. The picture above looks like it is telling you not to leave it dripping, but that isn't what it is saying...as far as I can tell. The faucet they are talking about are the ones in the stalls. These are used to help "flush" the turkish toilets, and to help "clean" the people using the toilet. Why would you leave them on when you are finished? I have to say that almost every bathroom I have ever been in has a drippy faucet. Are they designed not to turn off all the way? Maybe someone who knows Turkish better than me....which is pretty much anyone around here...can explain it to me!

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Gina said...

So you are supposed to wash your hands BEFORE you leave the stall???