Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Description change.

I was looking at the description I had for this blog. It said "what goes on and what's up on this side of the world." Then I was thinking about what I actually blog about. There are some pictures of life wherever we happen to be. There are stories about things that happen to us and around us. And then there are my random thoughts. I don't think my blog description really describes my blog. It isn't just about life on this side of the world. So in order to more accurately reflect the content of the blog I have changed the description. I am also going to create folders so that those of you who really only care to read about life here can find those posts more easily. Don't worry though, my reflections on life and my ramblings will still be available to all who dare to read them! Not all posts will have a category. Some are so random they would be in a category by themselves!

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