Thursday, February 22, 2007


Every Thursday and Sunday there is an open air market near our house. In Turkish it is called a pazar, and it is set up under this covered pavilion.

They have a variety of clothing, towels, hangers, pots, brooms, shoes, material, yarn, toys, candles, and so many other household type items. We've even seen rugs, tables, chairs, and other types of furniture. And then there's the food!

Brian went to the pazar today to buy some fruit and veggies. I handed him the camera as he was walking out the door and asked him to take some pictures. He said he would and even got some of the guys that work this stand to pose!

They also sell beans, dried fruits and nuts as well as eggs, yufka (very thin tortilla type dough), yogurt, and other fresh items.

The sellers rent space for a booth and set up their stuff on plywood and sawhorse tables. People usually set up their booths in the same spot so we have our regular places we shop. One of my favorite places is a section of tables that sells pajamas and other intimate apparel. Most of these items are made in Turkey for companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Disney Store, Ralph Lauren, Gap, and others, but for some reason they didn't pass the inspection to make it to the real stores. I have gotten some great deals on pjs and underwear for the kids and myself! And when I say deals I mean less than $3 an item for pjs and 50 cents for underwear! Evidently Brian wasn't too impressed with this section, because he didn't take any pictures of it!


Gina said...

NO underwear pictures??? Ah....man!! That sounds like MY kind of shopping! Maybe we can go when Billy & I come. (and I'LL take pictures of the undergarments & pj's!!)

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! The veggies and fruits look great. What does the place smell like?

Natalie said...

The place smells okay most of the time. When it is hot outside it tends to smell a little more "ripe"...a cross between the produce and the people I'm thinking!