Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I wanted to make a request. I put a site counter on my blog not too long ago. It was designed to help me see if anyone is actually reading this blog. I know some people are reading it because they are commenting. I am also seeing that 1500 people have looked at this blog since I put the counter on it. So I am wondering...where are all my blog readers from? Who is reading this besides the people who comment regularly? If you wouldn't mind posting a comment just so I can see who is reading this I would really appreciate it. All I want is your name, where you are from, and how you found my blog. I know some people are looking at this blog because they have clicked a link from someone else's blog. And others have a remember us card with the address on it. There may even be other ways that I am not even thinking of. So if you will give me a shout out I would appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Number one comment from number one fan? Mom love you!

Anonymous said...

Sharon in Bedford, TX (for now) You know I anticipate and read all your blogs; I just don't ever comment, until now anyway! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

We're reading! I have you on my RSS feeds in Outlook, so I read every post & then remind Brian to check it out from time to time...but I hardly ever comment!

Brian & Tamara
San Antonio, TX
Heard about your blog from the horse's mouth (so to speak) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Hope all is well and stay away fromn the gassy soda...Do we have gassy soda here? Oh everything here is gassy. Tell Will help from Mr. David and hope all is well. Love you all.

The Tadrzak's

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nat! We always read. I also want to email as you invited, but I just had arm surgery and I am typing with one hand which takes forever, so the longer email will have to wait!

Shannon Carpenter

Anonymous said...

Absolutely I read! I love your stories...makes me feel like you're here at home with me!

Anonymous said...

We're reading, of course, and laughing - a lot. We remember you often, too. Hannah has her first tooth! She is growing so fast.

Hey, we sau Tim Hawkins in Conroe last Sunday night - gut bustin' funny. Wish you had been with us.

Much love always!
John, Michelle, and Hannah
Spring, TX

Anonymous said...

Of course we are reading and smiling and laughing! Unfortunately, I don't have anything as cute or clever as you and Brian to respond with! I love keeping up with you guys!

Spikes gang!