Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dancing Queen

Erica's school held a ball at the end of January. The kids took a couple of ballroom dancing lessons to learn some steps before the dance. The guys were even taught the proper way to ask for a dance. This is Erica, a friend from England, and a friend from Iraq after they had their hair done. They practiced dancing with each other all day before the dance! They were up really early the morning of the dance painting their fingernails and primping. Erica wanted me to help her put on eyeliner at 10 in the morning. I told her that the dance wasn't even until 6 that evening. She had 8 hours before she even needed to be ready. She informed me that they were putting on their makeup early and then planning to touch it up later. Oh....okay then.

Erica paid about $16 to have her hair done. She had lots of fun and said it was better than the junior high dance she had in the states. They all just stood around and talked while music played. Nobody even danced in America she said!

It's hard to see, but she is wearing a tiny tiara in her hair. She really was a dancing queen. She looked so old to me! Thankfully this is only once a year!


Gina said...

She is so pretty!! And $16 for fixing up her hair is a 'steal'!! They did a good job.

Anonymous said...

Caroline said she looks beautiful and wants to get her hair done too!