Friday, February 23, 2007

Lost and Found

I admit it...I am addicted to Carmex. I love it. When my lips need moisturizing healing, Chapstick just doesn't cut it for me. I need Carmex.

Rewind to June 11, 2006. We left Turkey for our 7 months in the states. I left 4 jars of Carmex in Turkey knowing that I didn't need to bring all I had with me because I could get more there. I had one in my purse with plans to purchase a couple more jars so that I could have one by my bed and one in my car.

Fast-forward to January 24, 2007. I got on the airplane to head back to Turkey and realized that I only had two jars of Carmex with me...the one from my purse and the one that was usually by the bed. Oh well, no big deal. I had four fresh unopened jars waiting for me when I arrived in Turkey. The night we arrived back I didn't feel like digging through my suitcases to find the jar that had been by the bed so I went to get a fresh jar out of the stash I had left behind. I couldn't find them anywhere. I was like the widow with the lost coin in the bible. I looked where I thought I put them and everywhere else that I could have put them. They were not here. I finally decided that I must have been really kind and generous and given them to other Carmex lovers here before I left knowing that I could get more in America. The problem was I remembered having some here so I never bought more to bring back. My dad was sending a couple of things our way so I asked him to throw a couple of jars of Carmex in the box so that I would have more when I ran out. He was generous and sent four new jars.

Fast-forward again to February 22, 2007. Yesterday, I was in my bathroom getting ready for bed, and I decided to grab a hot oil hair treatment out of the cabinet and put it in the shower to use this morning. I had been wanting to use one but kept forgetting to get it out of the cabinet before getting in the shower. Anyway I grabbed the little box with the oil in it out of a clear plastic tub and underneath it were three jars of carmex. I was confused because I thought they might be the ones my dad just sent me, but I was pretty sure I didn't put them in there. After noticing the ones my dad sent on the shelf I realized I was finding the ones I had been missing. Part of me was relieved...I am not crazy. I knew I left some here...I thought it was four, but maybe I grabbed one at the last minute before we left. The other part of me thought...I am crazy. I had already looked exactly where I found them when I first got here. It's where I thought I put them. If there had only been one maybe I might have missed seeing it, but how could I have missed three? I guess in my tired, jetlagged stupor I didn't see them or dig around enough in the box. The box is clear so maybe I relied on the fact that I could see through it, and didn't search too hard. But I really wanted that Carmex and am pretty sure I dug. Oh well. Now I have 6 brand new containers and two partially used ones. That oughta last a while!

So like the widow in the bible I am calling together my friends and neighbors saying "Rejoice with me, for I have found [that] which I had lost!" Luke 15:9


Mentanna said...

carmex is addictive you know! i cannot rejoice with you and enable your addiction!

Anonymous said...

Well when I read your blog and I had to read it to Billy so that he could see I'm not the only one putting something on my lips before I got to bed every night! I don't use Carmex but chapstick from Bath & Body. So he thinks I'm addicted just as you are!

Natalie said...

Okay...for clarifications sake...I will use something other than Carmex if there is no Carmex to use. I had 3 brand new tubes of chapstick that I had purchased for the kids set aside just in case I didn't get more Carmex. (Pausing to use the Carmex by my computer...ahh that's better.) And during our Christmas vacation to California I only brought the Carmex in my purse with me. I ended up taking it out one night and forgot to put it back in my purse before we left for a tour of the Griffith Observatory the next day. While there I had a desperate need for some Carmex. I asked around and nobody had any. I even went to the souvenir store to see if they sold Griffith Observatory lip balm. They had mints, mirrors, pens, combs, medicine, but no lip balm. I used my mother-in-law's lipstick and suffered until I got home to the Carmex.

Gina said...

Well, I don't like how Carmex "tastes" if you accidentally get some in your mouth, but I know it's good stuff. I will continue to stick with Blistex medicated balm...but only the mint or cherry flavor. And I don't like the 'liquid' stuff. And chapstick is too 'rough'. As far as thinking you put something away and couldn't find it...I did that the other day with instant potatoes...I could have SWORE I bought like 3 packages at the store, and I then I bought 1 more the other day. I get home to put it with the others, and they weren't there. I guess I changed my mind and didn't buy them after all,but my brain still thought I did. So don't feel bad.