Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Call to Prayer

I have long wanted to be able to share the sound of the call to prayer with those who haven't ever heard it. With the addition of video to my blog I can now do that. This video was taken while I was standing on my balcony. The speakers are about halfway up the minaret of the mosque. As you can tell the call is very loud. I once stayed with some friends who lived next door to a mosque, and when the call to prayer sounded at 4:30am I thought that the man was standing in the room with me. Oftentimes you can hear multiple mosques at the same time. There is supposed to be a mosque withing 5-10 minutes walking distance for everyone. There are several more around us. This one happens to be the closest. There are brief pauses in between the verses. Some imams pause a long time and others barely at all. Sorry for the shaky hands.

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Amy said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing that. I am assuming it is kind of like a train, after a while you just get use to it?

Gina said...

You know, when I was there for a week I can honestly only remember hearing the early morning call once from our hotel room....I guess we weren't as close to a mosque as others are. And I am a VERY light sleeper! It looks like it was a beautiful day though!

Tamara said...

So what did they do, I wonder, before loud speakers were invented? How did they issue the call?

Natalie said...

Yes, you get so used to hearing the call that you don't even realize it is happening. Especially if I am inside...I don't notice it at all most of the time. When people come to visit they usually hear it everytime. And as far as how it was done before loud speakers were invented...I have no idea. I would imagine that someone yelled it out. It is amazing how well some of them can project their voices. The people selling stuff in the streets yell amazingly loud!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these things. I am truly learning so much.