Sunday, February 04, 2007

An obsession!

As many of you know I was so excited to be able to eat some of my favorite foods while we were in America. And now that I am back in Turkey I am enjoying some of my favorite foods here. One of my favorite snacks in Turkey is something called a simit. It is basically like a unsalted pretzel covered in sesame seeds. I think they are yummy!

You can buy simits at the grocery store, local bakery, from a simit stand, or from a simitci who carries them on a tray balanced on his head. They cost about 30 cents each early in the day, but as the day goes on the price gets cheaper. I guess they want to make sure they sell them all!

One of my friends came over the other day to teach me how to make one of my favorite asian dishes...California rolls! I love them!

We put all the ingredients on a plate so we could mix and match. My favorite was avocado, crab, cucumber! This is not a Turkish dish but I learned to love it here because there is quite a large Korean population at our school.

And finally I just had to show everyone what I requested for my last meal in America! A vegetable plate. Most people thought that was strange, but it was filled with all the veggies we can't get in Turkey. Sweet potatoes, cream-style corn, yellow squash and black-eyed peas with cornbread! It was so good, and I was so full when I finished this meal!

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