Monday, June 04, 2007

What we did this weekend

On Friday night Will wanted the whole family to watch a movie together. We ended up watching Joe Somebody. It was okay.

Will spent the night with a friend on Saturday night and played his first game of tennis. Now he walks around saying "I love tennis!" constantly! He played his last soccer game for the spring season at this base on Saturday. I'm glad it's over, but I will miss the Dr. Pepper they have for sale at the base!

Jacob put couch pillows up his shirt and wrestled around with whoever would take him on. He also played soccer at the base.

Erica sat at the computer chatting with friends. She also helped lead worship at church on Sunday morning. Brian says she did a great job. I had to work in the nursery so I didn't get to particpate in worship.

Anna Grace played on the playground equipment at the base. She decided to jump off one part and ended up hurting her foot. This is the same equipment that Jacob fell off of and broke his arm two years ago. I really didn't think it was a big deal, but after she sat with me for 1 1/2 hours watching the boys play soccer even when being coaxed by her friends to come back and play I figured something was wrong. Her foot looked like it might be slightly swollen so Brian took her to the hospital. She came home with a cast. According to the x-rays she didn't break it. We weren't really sure why they put it in a cast. Brian said they wanted to immobilize it. Haven't they ever heard of an ace bandage?!? We talked to a friend who is a doctor, and he said that it could be a compound fracture which would show up better on an x-ray done after a couple of days. He said that it did seem a little over the top to cast her foot, but he had used the same method a couple of times when necessary. I took her back to the doctor today, and they decided (without doing another x-ray to be sure) that it wasn't fractured. The doctor wants her to wear the cast for another week, and then possibly have it wrapped in a bandage for another week. I personally think that it is crazy! I guess if it really is a compound fracture I should be grateful that she still has a cast on. The problem is trying to get around. We have no crutches, and I don't plan on buying any just for a week! They are expensive! And Brian went out of town this morning for a couple of weeks. (He will actually be back for about 24 hours from Thursday night to Friday night, but that won't help us too much with getting her to and from school.) I ended up taking her to school today. We put her in a desk chair with wheels, and her friends pushed her around all day! I think they all enjoyed it! One thing I have to say about the medical care here...they don't take injuries lightly. They seem to go overboard on most things! That's better than not taking things seriously enough I guess!

I went to a garage/moving sale and bought some new houseplants. Everytime I get a new plant my cats decide to eat them. I think that I overwhelmed them by buying four new plants at once. They don't seem to care a bit that there are new plants in the house!

Brian went to a movie with a friend as well as participated in the stuff mentioned above! Going to the base for soccer games, taking me to a garage sale, taking Anna Grace to the hospital, and various other chauffer duties took up much of his time this weekend! I bet he's glad to be gone for a few days. He's off with a group from the states basically chauffering them around Turkey! I guess I should learn to drive here so I can help!


Gina said...

By the look of the cast, you would have thought she had broken her LEG, not just her foot!! (just tell her she'll get lots of attention from the boys...) HA!!!

Kayseri Protestan Kilisesi said...

YES, you should learn how to drive. I agree with you!