Friday, June 15, 2007

The last two weeks

Brian got back Thursday morning from two different trips with groups from the states. He left with one group last Monday morning and returned Thursday afternoon. Then Friday night he boarded a bus and went East to visit with another group. I am very glad to have him home again!

I am more out of shape now than I have been in a while. We went bowling last night, and the balls were so heavy! I felt like my elbow was being pulled out of socket! And I was using a 8 pound ball! I also bowled the worse score ever for me. 48. Now I do admit I wasn't trying very hard. I usually bowl around 100, but after not knocking down any pins the first frame and feeling like my arm was coming apart I stopped trying.

I have been working in the nursery at church the past two Sundays. I felt like it was a Who's Who of the bible. Stephen and Paul kept fighting over the toy cars. Andrew kept getting his feelings hurt. Levi wanted to make sure he had access to all the toys he wanted. Joshua just laid there (he's only a couple of months old!), and Eva was angelic. And then Maggie and Kayra. They seemed out of place in the midst of all the others.

We ordered dinner from McDonalds tonight. Erica got a large french fries. Will got a quarter pounder. Anna Grace got a "chicken burger". And Jacob asked for a McTurco. It is basically a very thick tortilla with two hamburger patties or two chicken patties covered in some special sauce. I've never had one...they look gross to me. When I was taking orders Jacob said he wanted a "McFlurco". I think he was confused! McFlurry and McTurco....maybe.

Erica leaves for camp tonight. She is traveling with several other kids on a bus. It's not a camp bus or a church bus. Just a regular one like Greyhound. It leaves at 11pm and will travel all night before reaching it's destination. She is the oldest of the kids going on the bus. I'm not sure how many are going at this point. She has a cell phone so I'm not too concerned! The bus will stop at least once during the night for a 30 minute stretch break. Hopefully she will be able to sleep some before and after so that she doesn't start camp exhausted! She arrives back home next Saturday at 11pm.

Well that's it for now. I will try to write more this week.

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