Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Yesterday I went shopping with a couple of friends. I wasn't actually looking for anything but went along just for the fun of it. Here are a couple of pictures from a furniture store. As you can see there was barely any room to move! My friend, Tiffany, is a shopper extraordinaire. She found several interesting things. I don't have a good enough eye to see the prizes through the stacks of stuff!

They served us Nescafe while we shopped. It was so hot in the shop that coffee was the last thing I wanted! It tasted good, but made me hotter!

Here I am peeking around some furniture. They kept telling us to sit while we drank our coffee. There were chairs tucked in spaces here and there so we sat and peered around furniture to talk to each other!

I did end up purchasing this hanging thing for Brian. He usually throws his pants over the end of the bed and hangs his shirt on one of the drawer pulls of his dresser. I thought this would be a better option. After I got it home I realized it was a little warped, but once it had his clothes hanging on it I couldn't even tell. I can guarantee it will never be sitting there empty of clothing so I decided not to worry about it!

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